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Burglar Alarms

The threat of burglary is something that all companies should be aware of, and there is a need for companies to be proactive in thwarting any attempts to enter a property or steal items. We have a range of alarms on offer that will ensure companies are able to take proactive steps in protecting their premises, employees and belongings.

If a company has items of value or importance, they should be looking to protect these items as best as they possibly can, and our range of burglar alarms should ensure that there is a solution for every working environment, workspace and company.

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Security Alarms: Buying Guide

No matter the size or scale of burglar alarm systems, most people readily associate them with the prevention of crime. Whether the alarm is connected to the most common points of entry at a building, or attached to a particular item or storage space, a burglar alarm serves as a good preventative measure, which will help to convince people that stealing or breaking in isn’t a good idea. With prevention being the best solution, it is easy to see why so many companies take this approach when it comes to securing their premises.

There are many ways that you can be proactive to prevent crime, including using CCTV cameras in the workplace. The money spent on items that deter people from committing crimes will be well spent if it ensures companies don’t have to deal with re-securing premises after a break-in and meeting the cost of replacing stolen goods or repairing damage.

Ensuring employees feel safe at work is important

It is a fact that if a business is the victim of a break-in or crime, many employees will not feel safe when at work. It may also affect the impression a customer has of the company, which may harm the business in the long-term. That is why it is essential for a firm to do all they can to prevent these crimes or incidents from taking place in the working environment.

If a break-in does occur, a firm should act quickly, utilising solutions like emergency window film to temporarily secure the working premises and consideration should then be given on how best to improve the security measures for the future. It is often only after a major incident that companies realise where they are vulnerable, but if this knowledge is used to make the working environment safer and more secure, something useful will come out of it.

Put proper security systems in place

If there are items of significant importance or value that can be accessed and used by team members, it is important to have a proper system in place for collecting these items. It makes sense to ask employees to sign these items out but for items that are of great value, there may also be a need to secure the equipment. Attaching a security alarm to individual items that require a team member to unlock before use can significantly reduce the likelihood of theft.

In addition, that approach should be considered for potentially dangerous items if used incorrectly. Many workplaces have equipment that should only be used by trained professionals and under the right working conditions. Using a burglar item to protect these items or equipment will ensure there is not unauthorised use, which is as an effective way of increasing safety in the workplace.

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