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Bird Deterrent Systems

Need help? Need help? More information on Bird Deterrent Systems There are several areas to consider when it comes to keeping your business running smoothly and adhering to current health and safety regulations. We understand the daily challenges business and premises owners face, so here at Seton; we stock cutting-edge products (specially designed to comply with all current legislation) to help keeping on top of security, safety and cleanliness more easily.

Nuisances such as those caused by birds nesting around your premises can be problematic and lead to less attractive property and safety risks due to bird droppings. By considering products such as our selection of Bird Deterrent Systems, alongside our other relevant safety products, you can work to humanely keep birds away from problematic areas and reduce the health hazards associated.

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Why Consider a Bird Deterrent System?

Seton are market leaders in Bird Deterrent Systems and experts in all things health and safety. Our range of humane bird control systems provide you with a cost effective, durable and long-lasting method of bird-proofing buildings and other on-site structures from perching or nesting bird species.

Birds such as pigeons or seagulls can become problematic to your workplace, should they choose to nest there – and not just for hygiene reasons. Seagulls in particular can be quite protective and aggressive towards humans; namely during the breeding season, where they will do everything they can to protect their chicks if they perceive they may be in danger.

Another reason that many business owners choose to deploy deterrent systems on-site is to avoid problems with fouling. This recognised health hazard is unpleasant and can carry potentially deadly diseases and bacteria such as E.Coli, Salmonella and Ornithosis; jeopardising the safety of those accessing your property.

One of the most popular, cost effective and efficient methods of deterring birds / avoiding infestation issues is the installation of our Bird Control System. These aesthetically pleasing triangular, patterned stainless steel wires are fixed to areas likely to attract perching or nesting bird species to prevent unsightly and unhygienic areas littered with bird droppings. Fixed onto a durable, high-quality base, these wires can be set on most surfaces – including rooftops and ledges – to prevent seagulls or pigeons from settling there; without injuring them.

Other options may include bird spikes, bird netting, bird mesh, bird gel and products developed specially to remove bird fouling / waste.

Additional Safety Products

Prevention is better than cure; so recognising and addressing potential bird infestation issues sooner rather than later can save you considerable amounts of hassle and money.

Other than bird deterrent systems, the other most commonly required equipment for those subject to infestations of our feathered friends comes in the form of Cleaning Products to sanitise areas affected by bird droppings, and thereby restore levels of hygiene. Items such as our Super Hygienic Socket Mop Heads used in conjunction with our Mop Buckets and Squeegees can assist with disinfecting and thoroughly cleansing areas affected by nuisance birds.

Safety Signs warning pedestrians of potentially wet floors (from bird excrement or cleaning activities) are another great investment in your premises’ health and safety. Every workplace should be kitted out with the relevant Hazard Signs and safety supplies to ensure that regulations are adhered to at all times; and visitors / employees remain protected from potential risks.