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General Protective Clothing Signs

Need help? Need help? What is the importance of having the correct PPE? The use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is strictly regulated and must be enforced in every industry. The safety of workers is of paramount importance and you must take all reasonable steps to ensure all the regulations relating to PPE are observed.

If your employees need to wear certain items of clothing to keep them safe, it might be worth giving them a constant reminder by placing General Protective Clothing Signs in prominent locations around your workplace. Our range includes signs suitable for all kinds of organisations and could help to prevent accidents that could be easily avoidable if people are well informed.

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Making Sure Your Signs Are Seen

The importance of having the correct PPE in the workplace must not be underestimated. It can help to prevent accidents and protect the employer from legal action if an accident does occur. However, not everyone knows which Personal Protective Equipment they should use and when, so having the right Safety Signs in the right location is very important.

It is a good idea to make any required safety clothing or PPE known to your workers and visitors prior to entering any areas of potential risk. By placing clearly worded notices at the entrances to such areas you can help to reduce the likelihood that the correct safety procedures will be ignored.

For example, one of the most important elements of PPE is the use of High Visibility Clothing. These products ensure that staff and visitors can be easily seen and it is vital in busy factories and warehouses. By positioning messages such as our ‘High Visibility Clothing Must Be Worn In This Area’ Signs at the entrance to your site, you remind anyone entering that there is a real danger of not being seen.

Most industrial workplaces have a standard set of protective clothing for staff to wear, so it can also be a good idea to place signs in staff locker rooms and break areas. This helps to remind workers of their obligations to safety before entering work areas. Notices such as our ‘Approved Personal Protective Equipment Must Be Worn At All Times’ Signs and our ‘STOP - Personal Protective Equipment Required Beyond This Point’ Signs can be very effective at catching the eye of your team members before they re-enter work areas.

Such signs can be easily affixed to lockers, cafeteria walls doors by using the self-adhesive backing option. Browse our full range of Sign Fixings to see what’s best for you.

Keeping Your Workers Safe

The main goal of Safety Signs in the workplace is to reduce the risk of an accident. General Protective Clothing Signs not only inform your workers of what equipment can keep them safe but they also reinforce general awareness of the risks that may be present.

For example, one area where you don’t want to take any risks is where asbestos could be present. In this case there could be a significant risk to staff without the use of PPE. Our ‘Caution Asbestos/Wear Protective Clothing’ Signs offer a clear message that nobody should be working in that area without the correct PPE.

Other hazardous areas such as laboratories and restricted areas in factories may have specific PPE requirements. Our ‘Protective Clothing Must Be Worn In This Area’ Sign can make it clear that those not wearing PPE should not enter that particular part of the workplace.

The same logic applies to our ‘Lab Coats Must Be Worn In This Area’ Sign. The message featured is very specific about the type of PPE that should be worn. Not only will this reinforce the safety procedure for those that work in the area, it also acts as a deterrent for those who have no reason to enter.

In workplaces where employees have to work at height, there may be the need for more specialist equipment such as Safety Harnesses. Our ‘Safety Harness Must Be Worn In This Area’ Sign can be used to easily inform of any areas where there is a danger of falling.

If you require a more general PPE sign to cover a range of equipment that should be used, then the ‘Safety Equipment Must Be Worn On Site’ Sign is the best option. It features a series of images of different types of PPE, including Hi-Visibility Vests, Safety Helmets, Safety Gloves and Safety Boots.

Materials and Fixings

Our signs are made from high quality materials that all meet the latest health and safety regulations. Furthermore, our wide range of Sign Fixing Options will allow you to display your Safety Signs anywhere they are needed. This includes indoor and outdoor applications as well as temporary or permanent options.

Some workplaces may have unique dangers that may mean you need a unique sign. If this is the case, our custom sign service could be the best option for you. You can choose the size of notice, the type of material and the exact wording and images you wish to be included.