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Need help? Need help? What you need to know about Information Signs? UK's Top-Rated Information Signage From the Experts

In some situations it’s a good idea to give visitors and employees on your premises clear visual guidance. We have a great selection of information signs that are ideal for display in warehouses, schools, offices or anywhere else where people would benefit from easy-to-understand instructions. With our huge range of signs, finding the right product is easy.

For more information see our FAQs and buying guide.

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General Information Signs: Buying Guide

Providing Essential Signage

Information signs are a great way to ensure that service users, employees and visitors to your premises are made aware of any issues that may affect them during their visit, as well as helping to clarify what is expected of them while they remain on your premises or within your employ.

Our wide range of information signage can be used to convey a broad spectrum of important messages to workers and members of the public and can also be useful in reducing the number of face-to-face enquiries staff have to deal with, thus helping to maximise their productivity during the working day.

These signs will clearly display information within your premises. Information signs cover a wide variety of categories – some of which are covered by health and safety legislation while others are simply a matter of courtesy and good working practice.

As well as a wide range of fire safety signs, first aid signs and hazard signs, we also have a comprehensive selection of information signs that can help guide employees, customers and visitors around your premises as well as advising on expected behaviours during their time there.

A Sign for Every Occasion

We offer a wide range of information signage, covering a range of mandatory and optional signage for workplaces and public access areas.

Choose information signs to indicate the direction to and locations of certain services within your space, for example toilet signs, reception signs, cleaning and washroom facilities signs, kitchen signs, office signs and car park signs. These are available in a range of styles to suit the style of your business, with standardised verbal and pictogram signage offered for ease of recognition by all.

Employee information signs are also available, to help employees remember the expected practices within the workplace, such as wash your hands signs, tie long hair back signs and signs that designate what clothing and equipment should be worn when working in a certain area, such as aprons, gloves and detectable plasters in food preparation areas.

Information signs can also be used to promote good business practices, we have a complete range of warehouse signage that aids in encouraging employees to display stock in the expected manner and rotate it to reduce wastage, for example.

Business owners and heads of organisations may wish to use office and commercial signs to help keep members of the public informed of practices within the premises for their peace of mind; for example, dry-wipe toilet inspection signs can be used to record working practices and reassure members of the public that these areas are regularly checked and issues arising are swiftly dealt with.

Information signs can, however, be used to prevent issues from occurring in these areas, with sanitary disposal signs, and reminder signs to leave toilets clean after use also available in our range.

Exterior information signs can help to direct people to car parking and building entrances as well as reminding them to deal with dog mess and dispose of litter responsibly. We also offer a custom information sign service that allows you to tailor the message of your signage to the specific needs of your business.

Usage of Information Signs

Information signs can be used to indicate directions and locations and can also be placed in specific areas where you wish to remind people of your expectations and requirements. Also, any area in which you believe the public, or your employees will benefit from additional information to adhere to workplace rules or be wary of environmental considerations. In these cases you will want to take a look at our multi-message signage which cover many general safety, warning and prohibition messages.


What information signs do I need?

Some information signage is mandatory and covered by Health and Safety Regulations, you should familiarise yourself with requirements for fire exit signage, first aid signage and hazard signage before installation. Other information signage will be dictated by the needs and practice of your business and your own discretion. Every working environment can benefit from some form of information sign, whether it is for something very specific, as is the case with our PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) signs, or simple and effective instructions to help generate behaviours that you wish to foster in the workplace with our general information signs.

Where should information signs be placed?

Signage should be easily visible to all who enter the area, and you may wish to consider placing signs at eye level for both walking and wheelchair using workers and members of the public. Consider the impact you wish the sign to have and the location where the maximum amount of people will see it at any given time.