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Fire Assembly Point Signs

Need help? Need help? What fire assembly signs do I need for a large site? UK’s Top-Rated Fire Assembly Point Signs - All Materials Covered!

In the event of an emergency, it is imperative clear signage is displayed to assist with an evacuation. These can include fire exit signs, fire safety notices and fire assembly point signs.

A fire assembly point is a location where staff and visitors can gather in the event of a fire to ensure everyone is in a designated safe area. Fire assembly point signs help you make sure that people will know where to gather following an emergency evacuation.

Looking for a fire assembly sign that is unique to you and your business? We can custom make almost any safety sign.

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Fire Assembly Signs: Buying Guide

To comply with UK health and safety legislation, it is necessary for companies to display fire safety signs, including fire assembly point signs, in appropriate locations. Using signs to provide information on what to do during an emergency evacuation can help to save people’s lives by ensuring that your premises is evacuated as quickly and safely as possible.

Numbered fire assembly point signs are ideal for larger premises. They should be used for indicating the location of a specific fire assembly point in a building or on a site that has several fire assembly points.

Fire action notices should be displayed in and around your premises in conjunction with fire assembly point signs. These notices will clearly show the location and identity of the nearest fire assembly point for each area or department of your premises.

Aluminium fire assembly point signs are ideal for use outdoors. They are hard-wearing, durable and can be mounted on walls or posts. Furthermore, these signs are rust-resistant.

A combined fire assembly point and keep clear sign provides all the necessary information to alert people that an area has been designated as a fire assembly point and to keep the route clear of obstructions at all times.

Our Nite-Glo fire assembly point signs are photoluminescent and so glow in the dark to provide clear information in the event of a power cut or if smoke is filling the building. They appear white when it’s light and glow brightly in the dark. These signs will stay glowing for over six hours once charged by a sufficient source of light, and are available with a self-adhesive polyester film that has been manufactured using environmentally-friendly methods.

We have a large number of different sign fixings to ensure that, regardless of the surface you want to secure your signs to or the locations you want to display them in, they can be properly affixed.

Sign fixings available include permanent adhesive that can be used outdoors – it is weather and UV-resistant, meaning any damage caused by the elements is kept to a minimum. Additionally, it has exceptional sealing properties.

Other sign holders and fixings include elastic ties for affixing banner fire assembly point signs to a post or fence. These large format signs are ideal for use at outdoor events.

Where a sign is needed but there is no suitable existing surface to attach it to, sign post fixing kits can be used as they provide everything needed to display a sign on a post. They include the post itself, base plate and end caps.

A safety sign like this is vital in order to provide the correct information to people in an emergency.

Custom Fire Assembly Signs

If you are looking for a fire assembly sign that provides more than just a letter or number to identify an assembly point, then we can create a fire assembly point sign that is unique to you. It is easier than you may think – just five simple steps.