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Get the Safety Sign Staff Can’t Ignore – Seton Sign Alerter

All too often safety signs are ignored in the workplace

It is all too easy to miss safety signs in the workplace. This is not the fault of employees or visitors but rather an unfortunate fact that as surroundings become familiar, signage simply begins to fade into the background. Becoming part of the everyday environment of being at work. How many accidents in the workplace could be avoided if the safety signs could tell you to avoid dangers actively rather than being displayed passively? Our new Seton Safety Sign Alerter delivers even more impact and clarity than a standard safety sign.

This is why we have created the Seton Safety Sign Alerter, a revolutionary sign holder that will make sure your safety messages are seen and heard.

The innovative and highly customisable unit uses audio and visual technology to alert passers by of vital safety information, reinforcing the safety message being displayed within the alerter itself. Let’s take a closer look at the functionality and versatility of this sign alerter.

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Choose any safety message that you want!

Thanks to the accessibility and compatibility of the audio software used, this alerter can deliver any safety message that you need it to.

Connecting to a computer via USB will give you access to dozens of safety messages to choose from that range from health and PPE themed messages to those used in construction and industrial work. Warning, caution and informational notices to keep people aware of any dangers present in the immediate area.

A safety sign that will be seen and heard

Our innovative all-new alerter has unique features that will deliver more of an impact than traditional safety signs. The alerter will grab the attention of employees and visitors at your site, making sure your safety messages are heard.

There are three primary methods used to make this alerter a truly inventive piece of safety equipment.

Motion sensors
Using motion activation sensors you can decide how and when the alerter will activate, with simple controls embedded within the unit you can set the alerter to only activate when people walk by in a certain direction. For use, as an example, to activate when people are entering a building but not when they exit it. You can also set the alerter on a delay timer, to activate once every 30 seconds or every minute, ideal for use in busy areas. This allows for the alerter to deliver its message and not become a nuisance or overstay its welcome.

LED lights
Nine LEDs are placed at the edges of the sign displayed within the unit, these will flash when the alerter is activated, drawing the eye of anyone that walks by. As with every aspect of this sign alerter this too can be augmented by you. If you are working in an area in which the lights would be inappropriate or too much of a distraction, you can set them not to flash, you can also switch to a non audio, only visual mode if the audio is not needed.

Audio speakers
High powered speakers built into the unit will deliver any safety message that you desire. The volume of the message can be changed from the control panel, allowing you to tailor it for your specific work environment. The audio message is used to support the sign that is being displayed, it does not have to say verbatim the text that is on the sign but can be a shortened version of it, to help reinforce health and safety best practice in the workplace.

A flexible and versatile safety sign alerter

The main aim of this project was to create a safety sign that actively makes the workplace safer but that also has the versatility to be used in any environment and for any reason.

To demonstrate this we offer not only the alerter unit itself but also the main unit with a range of different safety signs, the options are limitless. It really can be used in any work environment.

From heavy industrial sites to hospitals, care homes, warehouses and offices, wherever safety messages need to be heard. For your employees' peace of mind and the continued commitment you will be showing for their well being, the Seton Safety Sign Alerter will make your workplace safer.

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