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Anti-Vibration Gloves

Many power tools vibrate, which may not appear to cause problems for the operator. But operating vibrating power tools for long periods of time or over many years can cause health problems for the user. Anti-Vibration Gloves are a simple solution to protect your machine operators from the long-term effects of the vibrations of power tools.

Protecting your employees from both long and short-term hazards is a legal requirement, and with Anti-Vibration Gloves and other safety equipment available at Seton, you can take simple but effective measures to protect your employees, look at our guide to see the potential benefits.

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Protecting your employees from the vibrations of handheld tools is essential for the long-term health of their hands and arms. Tools such as chain saws, mowers, trimmers, grinders and drills are commonly used in many workplaces, including forestry work, manufacturing and site management. However, prolonged exposure to the vibrations of these tools can lead to a number of conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome and hand-arm vibration syndrome. Anti-vibration gloves protect the hands, arms and joints from injury, allowing your tool operators to fulfil their tasks without worry.

Choosing Anti-Vibration Gloves

The anti-vibration gloves in the range at Seton are designed to be comfortable to wear. They are made from a variety of materials, but all are breathable, ensuring the hand remains at a comfortable temperature. As well as protecting the hands from the stress of vibration, these anti-vibration gloves will also protect the hands from the cuts and abrasions that are a common hazard when using tools.

Investing in hand protection and other forms of personal protective equipment is a valuable action that can significantly reduce the risk of accidents to your employees. When you shop at Seton, you can be assured you are acquiring well-made safety equipment, and all of our anti-vibration gloves are designed to prove durable, making them excellent value for money.

Understanding the legal requirements of your company to protect your employees from tool vibrations and other workplace hazards can be confusing. However, at Seton we pride ourselves in creating an effective safety strategy. We are one of the leading suppliers of workplace health and safety products and we make sure all of our products fully comply with the relevant EU and UK health and safety laws, giving all of our customers complete peace of mind when they shop with us.

Vibrations are just one of the risks of using tools in the workplace. If your employees are using noisy tools, provide them with effective hearing protection if noise levels are at an unsafe level. Protect them from the flying particles caused by many tools by issuing eye protection and dust masks in conjunction with the anti-vibration gloves.

Anti-vibration gloves are a simple measure that will make a big difference to the long-term health of your tool operators. This allows them to work efficiently at their task without worrying about the consequences. By providing well-made protective equipment that complies with all the relevant laws, you clearly demonstrate your commitment to the long-term health and safety of all who work on your premises. In the range of safety products at Seton, we have products to reduce the risk of many hazards, allowing your workplace to run safely and efficiently.

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