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Chemical Resistant Clothing

Handling chemicals presents a range of hazards for workers. One way to protect workers is to use chemical protective clothing. Different types of clothing protect against different hazards, so it’s important to choose your chemical clothing correctly. View our range of products below to find the type of clothing that is right for your workplace, or have a look at our buying guide.

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Choosing Chemical Resistant Clothing

There are many industries that require workers to handle chemicals. These can range from medical and pharmaceutical companies to agriculture and the food handling industries. Providing chemical resistant clothing is a necessity to protect the skin from the irritation and burns which chemicals can cause. Additionally, such clothing will provide protection for the workers’ own clothes that could be at risk of staining.

At Seton, we have an extensive range of chemical resistant clothing that will provide protection against a wide variety of hazards. The range includes coveralls for all-over protection, or a selection of aprons, trousers and jackets that can be used individually or together, depending on the protection you require. We also include disposable overshoes and sleeves to prevent the spread of contaminants beyond the hazardous area.

The range of chemical resistant clothing at Seton is designed to be easily cleaned. Much of it is lightweight, making it comfortable for your staff to wear for long periods of time. Different chemicals may need different materials to withstand them, or coveralls that will cover the head as well as the body. All of these can be found in our range of chemical resistant clothing.

Many of our items of chemical resistant clothing are waterproof and have anti-static properties, reducing the risk of fire. All the chemical clothing is designed to be durable, where applicable with taped seams or elasticated edges to provide a tight seal to prevent any chemical substances getting in. For complete protection, use the chemical resistant coveralls with chemical resistant gloves and take a look at our range of respiratory protection to prevent the inhalation of fumes.

Providing effective safety clothing is necessary in any working environment, but it is particularly vital for workplaces dealing with hazardous chemicals. Creating an effective health and safety strategy in the complex chemical industries that will protect everyone on the premises and fully comply with the relevant laws can be complicated, but at Seton, we take pride in making the process easier. With the comprehensive range of chemical resistant clothing that fully complies with EU and UK safety laws, it has never been easier to find exactly what you need to keep your employees safe from chemical hazards.

The provision of chemical resistant clothing is an effective measure you can take to protect everyone on site from the irritation and burns of chemicals. Make sure everyone knows to avoid a hazardous area or to don a chemical resistant suit by clearly displaying our chemical signs.

Protect from chemical hazards ranging from stained clothing to severe chemical burns by using the range of chemical resistant clothing at Seton to provide your workforce with the best protection.