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Anti-Fatigue Products

Getting the right PPE is not always easy, particularly when it comes to products designed to combat fatigue, but getting the right products for staff to use can help your team to be more productive. Fatigue can lead to accidents and reduced productivity in the workplace. There are some items that will help your staff to concentrate and remain alert during the working day, and it is only a small investment in return for peace of mind.

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Anti-Fatigue Product Guide

Fatigue in the workplace is a common problem, but the products in this section are designed to give workers the support that they need to combat this. It is a good idea to conduct an audit to highlight any potential long term health effects from fatigue. For example, those who are working at a computer for a long period may find it very tiring, and after a few hours, they may find it hard to concentrate. Regular breaks from work will help with this, but an audit will help determine how often the workers should take a break and if they need any accessories such as a foot rest to help them.

Staying in a sitting position all day is not healthy, therefore using a footrest to limit the negative health effects is a good idea. A foot rest can promote better body alignment and keep the worker in the correct sitting position. Placed under the desk, they are used to support the feet, reducing pressure on the knees and back, and help to discourage blood clots and improve posture. Because they can be rocked back and forth, foot rests encourage movement while sitting, which in turn helps boost blood flow. Designed from heavy steel they will not move around – once you have put it into place, it will stay there until you need to move it again. It also has a non-slip surface also adds to the safety features. They resemble a small step and can be adjusted so that the worker can find the right level of support that they need.

Kneeling pads are also a great addition to the range of PPE for the workplace and anyone who ever has to kneel on the floor will find these of benefit. The patella (or knee cap) is a bone which is particularly vulnerable to fractures and therefore anything which helps absorb the shock of kneeling down could be seen as essential. The kneeling pad has been designed for occasional use and it is made from polyurethane foam. It helps to protect the user from a cold floor and it is also useful for helping to promote better posture. Those who are doing maintenance work indoors and out will find it useful.

Alternatively we also offer a range of knee pads such as Ergodyne Knee Pads that can be attached used to give a little extra support and cushioning when needed. These will help you to stay in position if you are kneeling down and you need to twist around. These products will help prevent tiredness and injury when carrying out any physical activity, and are ideal for outdoor work such as gardening.