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Pipe Markers and Pipe Identification Tape Guide |

Pipe Markers and Pipe Identification Tape Guide

Why are Pipe Markers/Pipe Identification Tape Needed?

pipemarker roll

It's the Law

The Health & Safety (Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 Part 3 state pipes that transport dangerous substances must be identified with the appropriate danger symbol and the name of the substance.

For Extra Safety and Security

Unmarked pipes and valves can cause danger to life and inflict damage to equipment, so ensuring safety by correctly labelling them can save money in the long run.


How Should you Identify Pipes?

  • All pipes transporting substances must be marked
  • The type of hazard must also be indicated by applying the appropriate label and danger symbol
  • Pipe marking must be colour coded and display the direction of flow on the visible side of the pipe

Where Pipemarkers Should be Applied

  • At regular intervals on straight pipes every 6 to 15 m
  • At junctions
  • To indicate changes of flow direction
  • On both sides of valves
  • On appliances and bulkheads
  • On both sides where pipes pass through walls or floors

European Standard Pipemarkers

Our range of European Standard Pipemarkers conform to regulations 1272/2008, 290/2009 and 286/2011, are UV resistant and withstand temperatures from -40° to 120°.

European Standard Pipemarker
  1. Simply remove the perforated arrowhead at one end to indicate directional flow of substance
  2. Relevant danger symbol is applied automatically, so there is no need to buy additional labels
  3. The colour of the labels conform to RAL European Standard Colour codings
  4. Standard legend to identify name of substance
  5. Signal word as defined by CLP regulation

Standard Identification Colours for European Pipemarkers

acids alkalis pipemarker air pipemarker fire fighting pipemarker flammable pipemarker gas pipemarker steam pipemarker water pipemarker

Choosing the Right European Standard Pipemarker

Our European Standard Pipemarkers come as individual on liner, linerless, and roll form. See each table for selecting the correct liner for size of pipe.

Individual On Liner

european standard pipemarkers

Perforated arrows on each side for easy removal, border for contrast, relevant hazard symbol as standard.

Marker Length 150 mm 250 mm 355 mm 450 mm
Height 12 mm 26 mm 37 mm 52 mm
Text height 8 mm 13.3 mm 16.5 mm 22.5 mm
No. markers per card 5 4 3 2
Pipe diameter < 20 mm 20-49 mm 50-99 mm > 100 mm


linerless pipemarker

Environmentally friendly, quick and easy to apply, perforated arrows.

Marker Length 250 mm 355 mm 450 mm
Height 26 mm 37 mm 52 mm
Text height 13.3 mm 16.5 mm 22.5 mm
No. markers per roll 30 30 30
Pipe diameter 20-49 mm 50-99 mm > 100 mm

Roll Form

roll form pipemarker

Ensure maximum visibility from all sides, text in both directions for easy reading. Rolls are 33 m long and 100 mm wide (without GHS symbols) or 127 mm wide (with GHS symbols).

Marker Length 100 mm 127 mm 100 mm 127 mm
Height 60 mm 60 mm 150 mm 150 mm
Text height 8 mm 8.3 mm 13 mm 13.3 mm
No. markers per roll 505 505 220 220
Pipe diameter < 70 mm < 70 mm > 70 mm > 70 mm
GHS symbols No Yes No Yes

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