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Accidents in the workplace

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 requires that all employers take measures to ensure the safety and welfare of employees in the workplace. However, many businesses do not realise that this also includes any external areas owned or leased by the company.

In workplace car parks, employers should aim to keep all parked vehicles away from the flow of traffic and pedestrians. Ideally, Traffic & Car Park Signs should be used to ensure drivers are made aware of the speed limit in the workplace, where to park and any potential hazards.

Separating vehicles and pedestrians is critical to providing a safe car park environment. Employers can help keep their workers safe by providing clearly marked paths away from vehicles and prohibiting pedestrian access to areas of significant risk, such as goods-in areas.

Speed Control

Reduce the risk of serious injuries by imposing speed restrictions in your car parks.

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Ensure both vehicles and pedestrians can navigate your outdoor areas with ease.

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Restricting Access

Prevent accidents by prohibiting workers from areas of significant risk.

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Separating Vehicles & Pedestrians

Create barriers and safe pathways to keep vehicles and foot traffic apart.

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Avoid damage and injuries by keeping your car park in good condition.

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Risk Prevention

Reduce accidents occurring by highlighting dangerous areas and safety risks.

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A high number of workplaces accidents are the result of slips, trips and falls in outdoor areas and so it helps to ensure that the floor surfaces are suitable for the type of traffic it will need to facilitate. Anti-Slip Paints and Treads can help to prevent such accidents, especially in wet or icy areas.

Learn more about the six key considerations that will help you ensure car park safety and make sure to check out our Car Park Buying Guide.

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