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Your Guide to Office Safety

When it comes to office safety, there are a number of things to consider. Having the right equipment in place with the right information for your employees is crucial. Signs and posters convey workplace health and safety messages while safe office equipment can help to prevent any accidents from occurring. Our guidelines will warn you of any risks in your workplace, while our tips and safety equipment suggestions will turn your office into a safer working environment.

There are many risks and dangers in any office environment, from fire and electricity hazards to trips and falls. Prevent trips and falls by taking these simple precautions:

office safety
  • Provide correct storage such as lockable filing cabinets to ensure no drawers or doors are left open for employees to fall over.
  • Ensure steps and small ladders are available if necessary to avoid office chairs and unstable furniture from being used as stools.
  • If there is risk of tripping over cables, telephone wires and other leads, keep them tidy with cable ties and protectors. Although this is common around a lot of electrical equipment and behind desks, take precautions to ensure they are not in the way of any walkways.

Uneven flooring, small steps and staircases can lead to accidents and potentially damage to equipment. Mark any unrecognisable step or bump in the floor with high visibility floor marking tape.

Tip! Ensure walkways are kept clear and instead store loose items such as boxes, books, stacks of paper etc in the correct rooms or cabinet.

Prepare for Emergencies and Fire Evacuations

emergency evacuations

A key precaution to take to ensure fire safety in the workplace is to provide signs and posters informing employees of nearest fire exits, relevant fire marshals in the building, location of fire extinguishers and alarms and the workplace fire evacuation process. Ensuring employees are clearly informed can make all the difference during a fire drill or an emergency.

Crucial fire safety equipment such as alarms and extinguishers should be provided and comply with the latest legislative requirements in order to ensure a safer office. To view the current legislation on fire safety in the workplace, click here

It is important not to overload electricity sockets as this could lead to a fire hazard. Provide extension cords to enable installation of further sockets.

Tip! Keep all sources of flames away from waste paper bins.

Further Precautions to Take

There may be other risks in your office which don’t appear to be hazardous but could however be potentially harmful to employees. Ensure kitchen equipment such as toasters, microwaves and kettles are switched off when not in use. Use a caution sign to warn of hot water from taps in kitchens and toilets on site.

We offer a huge range of safety solutions, including products specific to office safety. Browse our range of signs and posters, office equipment and fire safety equipment to find the right safety solutions for your workplace.


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