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Regardless of what industry you are in, it is important to remember that you must have the right restroom consumables in place. Toilet rolls, dispensers and other holders need to be available at all times.

Not having the right restroom products in place can be a problem when it comes to conducting a health and safety audit. Assessors look for simple things like the provision of toilet paper to ensure staff are being looked after adequately. To find out more about the various options for bulk buy toliet paper and restroom consumables, check out our buying guide.

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Toilet Roll Dispensers and Supplies Buying Guide

It’s often easy to overlook the most basic items your business needs in favour of larger pieces of equipment or those with more obvious operational applications. The provision of items such as toilet paper can often become an afterthought or forgotten entirely, but is understandably incredibly important.

Most businesses due to the sheer number of staff onsite, or purely for convenience, will likely want to order supplies in bulk. Any busy workplace will be using large quantities of restroom consumables and you can opt for standard toilet rolls that come in multipacks or jumbo rolls that will last longer and save on the amount of time needed to replace rolls regularly.

Bulk Buy Toilet Rolls for Business

Standard sized toilet rolls are available in regular or eco-friendly recycled options. These can be placed on simple holders or twin roll dispensers and are a quick and simple solution to providing toilet roll in your premises. They are ideal for smaller sites or areas which only get occasional use.

Jumbo toilet rolls are available in packs of various sizes and a choice of roll lengths. This means you can buy in bulk and not have to order as often as you might when providing regular rolls. For large sites and heavy traffic areas this will nearly always be the best option. Dispensers for jumbo rolls can be purchased separately and will ensure supplies stay hygienic and available to all. These are supplied with relevant fittings and can be installed quite easily.

There is no real difference between the jumbo and standard rolls when it comes to quality. The choice of which option to go for will generally depend on your needs and circumstances. In many cases, it can be more economical to opt for jumbo rolls but this is a decision you will have to make after considering all the options and requirements of your workplace.

You can also obtain supplies of urinal guards. These are designed to help to keep the men’s restroom fresh and clean smelling. Each of the guards is made from a soft PVC so that it will fit all urinal designs. To maximise the effectiveness of the guard choose one with a minimum freshness rating of 30 days and consider changing fragrance every now and again.

Choosing the right toilet products may not sound like a very exciting job, but it is one that has to be done. Ordering in bulk means you are much less likely to run out of supplies and with quality dispensers in place you can also keep restrooms looking neat and tidy.