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Electrical Safety Books & Guides

Electrical safety is a vial part of workplace health and safety provision. In order to comply with health and safety legislation it is important that all employees are informed about their duties and responsibilities within the workplace. Our Electrical Safety Books and Guides can be helpful as part of a comprehensive health and safety strategy in the workplace, and are a good way to communicate vital health and safety information regarding the use of electricity and electrical appliances to employees, thus helping to reduce the risk of electrical accidents resulting from poor workplace practices.

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Electrical Safety in the Workplace

Regardless of the nature of your work environment, it is likely that electricity and electrical appliances play a role in the operation of your business. From large machines to kitchen kettles and microwaves, to office computers and printers, electrical appliances are an unavoidable part of any workplace environment, with more and more workers relying on mobile technology, there are likely to be even more electrical devices around.

An element of risk is present in any environment where electricity is present. That is why business owners and managers understand that with proper policy, practice and usage, this risk can be effectively minimised for workers, customers and other visitors to business premises.

In order to ensure proper compliance with health and safety regulations, employers may be required and might wish to provide employees with training and information on the area of electrical safety – which is where our electrical safety books and guides for the workplace are so useful.

As part of our comprehensive workplace health and safety support provision, we are able to offer electrical safety books and guides. These carefully selected printed health and safety resources can be used in the training and implementation of electrical safety policy and practice within the workplace, and can ensure compliance with the relevant health and safety regulations.

Employers and business owners should familiarise themselves with the relevant health and safety legislation before deciding on electrical safety provision within their premises. Once adequate health and safety planning is in place, they may wish to purchase some of our printed electrical safety tools to aid in the delivery of information and training to the workforce.

Our electrical safety books and guides are a useful resource that provides information and advice on electrical safety within the workplace. The information presented in the guides explain potential pitfalls; promote best electrical safety practice and outline important health and safety information pertaining to the operation and use of electrical appliances at work.

Our easy-to-read electrical safety resources offer an easily accessible and effective solution to keeping your workforce informed of safe practices where electric appliances and the use of electricity is concerned, and are also a great educational tool for health and safety training within the workplace.

Our range of electrical safety books and guides includes a handy 16-page A5 booklet that gives easy-to-follow explanations of how to avoid electrical accidents at work. This simply worded guide is just one part of the Seton safety media range which combines visual and verbal instruction to effectively communicate the electrical health and safety message.

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