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Contamination Matting

Reducing the risk of contamination and cross-contamination is a major consideration in some workplaces. Contamination matting can serve a useful purpose in a number of workplace environments, including food preparation areas, in construction areas where hazardous substances have been identified, and in some laboratory situations. Using our contamination matting products at workplace and site thresholds can help to reduce the spread of contaminants within the workplace and ensure that health and safety practices are being adhered to. Our range of contamination matting is portable and versatile and allows for installation in a range of situations, to cover a variety of anti-contamination requirements.

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Disposable Floor Mats: Buying Guide

There are a number of situations in which it may be important, for health and safety reasons, that certain substances are prevented from entering or exiting a workplace or construction area.

Used in conjunction with other hygiene conscious work practices, contamination matting is a great tool to use in defence against the unwitting distribution of materials that could create hazards in the event that they were allowed to enter or leave a workspace, especially when dealing with dirt, dust or hazardous fibres.

For example, in areas where hazardous substances such as asbestos are being removed under strictly controlled conditions, it could be dangerous if fibres from the asbestos were allowed to be carried off site on the soles of workers’ shoes.

Likewise, in areas where food is prepared and packed in a sterile environment, it is important to reduce the risk of contaminants, which may contain harmful bacteria, being carried into the environment on footwear.

For controlled environments, such as hospitals and laboratories, it can also be helpful to install contamination matting as well as other safe guards to reduce the risk of introduction of contaminants into the sterile space.

In paint rooms, footwear-borne contaminants, such as dust and hair, can easily become airborne and go on to cause faults and defects in a carefully applied paint finish, which can lead to jobs needing to be done again from scratch, wasting both time and resources.

Our range of contamination matting products is just one of a number of tools we offer to help promote best health and safety practice in the workplace. The range is designed to be used in conjunction with a comprehensive health and safety plan in the workplace to help keep workers, customers and visitors protected from the potential dangers presented by footwear-borne contamination.

Using adhesive, peel-off protection mats, our clean-step matting provides an effective and economical solution to the issue of walked-in contamination, and is perfect for use at the thresholds of a number of workspaces, including clean rooms, paint shops, hospitals and food production environments.

The contamination matting works by using an adhesive-coated surface to attract and contain dust and dirt, while peel-away sheets allow for ease of disposal after use. Available in a range of sizes, the adhesive matting can be placed at points of entry and exit to ensure anyone entering or leaving a space must pass over it, decontaminating their footwear as they go.

Clean-step matting is initially supplied with a non-slip backing mat and surround to help keep the contamination matting in place and to prevent footwear damage to the adhesive sheeting. Separate contamination matting refill packs that allow this outer structure to remain in place are available, thus significantly reducing disruption and wastage.

For other areas in the workplace use Non Slip Matting

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