Health & Safety

Inspector: Artwork of leaflet is my design. Many thanks. All businesses in the United Kingdom are legally obligated to meet Health and Safety Regulation standards to protect the health, safety and wellbeing of the employees. These standards are set by the Health and Safety at Work Acty, 1974. This sets out the duty of care requirements. This image is a still life of a generic Health and Safety Law leaflet, bearing the Royal Coat of Arms that appears on all legal statutes and in the UK, including passports – and £1 coins, etc. along with a pair of spectacles and a Warning sign that is typical of a sign that would need to be appropriately placed in dangerous areas in an office or factory.

Disclaimer: The information provided through Legislation Watch is for general guidance only and is not legal advice. Legislation Watch is not a substitute for Health and Safety consultancy. You should seek independent advice about any legal matter.

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