Seton Employees Key to Customer Service Award

Team 1In June 2015 Seton proudly accepted the European Catalogue & Mail Order Direct Commerce (ECMOD) Outstanding Customer Service Award.  The company wanted to take this opportunity to highlight how the enthusiastic and dedicated employees of Seton contributed to this success.

Jane Revell-Higgins, ECMOD Direct Commerce Awards Founding Director, said: “There was a complete focus on the customer throughout all departments in the business”.  Speaking to some of these team members, it is clear that the customer is at the centre of everything they do, whether they work in the customer service centre or in the warehouse packing orders.

Alex Callow, Sales and Customer Service Supervisor in Banbury, explains some of the ways the customer service team achieve excellence: “Here at Seton we put the customer at the heart of everything we do.  Our training plans and call quality evaluations are vital to ensuring the team are fully equipped to serve our customers to the highest standard of care.  “First call resolution” is when a customer issue is resolved the first time they contact us, and this is a key performance indicator that we constantly strive to improve upon.  The concept of ‘perfect orders’ is also very important to us – this means ensuring orders are placed correctly, packed well, and delivered on time”.

Ralph Walmsley, Operations Manager in Stockport, highlights how non-customer facing employees also contribute to excellent service: “The whole warehouse team are focused on delivering consistent first class service, and that means constantly reviewing our methods to see if they can be improved. The most important opinion on how we’re doing is the customer’s, so to ensure we get direct feedback we’ve introduced “Packed with Pride”. This is a personal message and a commitment to quality from the packer to the customer, bringing a human touch to the process of packing an order, and providing a mechanism for the recipient to reply back with any comments on their consignment. Judging from the responses we receive, it’s a concept and a service that our customers really appreciate.”

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