Safety issues solved by innovation

The innovation team at Seton is always busy looking for ways to improve and enhance our safety equipment and solutions. With the continuous help of our customers, we have identified some of the most difficult workplace safety issues, and as a result, the most exciting product innovations have been launched.

Speed Bump Durability

Problem: Traditional speed bumps quickly wear out after continual use. Speed bumps can also cause damage to the vehicles passing over them, and they are expensive to replace, especially as they have to be replaced frequently as they wear down.

Solution: Seton’s Speed Bump features a unique rail fixing system which ensures that the speed bump is securely fixed into position. The highly visible Seton Speed Bump is also fitted together through interlocking chevrons; this unique shape more efficiently distributes the weight of the vehicles passing over it and makes the speed bump more durable.

Missed Inspections

Problem: Inspections are vitally important to the safety of every workplace. However, inspections are often passed over, missed or forgotten about entirely. Also, depending on the specific needs of the workplace, important equipment may be out of reach for some workers.

Solution: The Seton Inspection Timer is the answer to this problem. This inspection timer improves overall workplace safety by making inspections as easy and efficient as possible. With just a glance, you can view the inspection status of your equipment. The Seton Inspection Timer also includes a simple push notification which informs you of when the next inspection is due through flashing LEDs. This timer can also be reset by a workplace supervisor.

Short lifespan on outdoor signs

Problem: A lot of temporary signs used for building sites, estate agents boards and other short term signage jobs use Correx material for these rigid signs. However, the lightweight fluted construction provides low durability and can be prone to bending along the flutes in high wind.

Seton’s Solution: Our environmentally-friendly Endure-a-Sign material is constructed from smooth, rigid polypropylene made up of 3 structural layers. This provides triple the durability and a 36 month outdoor life span making it the perfect Correx alternative. This high strength material is also resistant to intense weather conditions, grease, oil and chemicals making it the perfect solution for aggressive environments.

Warning messages not visible

Problem: Floor signs for hazards, risks and warnings are extremely important for maintaining safety in the workplace and for legal protection. However, especially in a busy workplace, it is likely that the floor signs will be repeatedly knocked over and will need to be propped back up again. If a floor sign falls down, the warning the sign conveys has been rendered essentially useless and anyone in the workplace is at risk.

Seton’s solution: The Seton 360 Floor Stand is like no other floor stand you have seen before. This unique floor stand cannot be knocked over – if it is pushed over it will right itself and return to a standing position, thus ensuring that the sign’s safety warning is always visible. This highly versatile floor sign comes in three different warnings – slippery surface, hazard and no entry – to allow for all workplace risks and safety concerns. There is even a linking feature with the sign that allows you to connect Seton 360 floor stands to create a highly visible barrier.

Overloaded racking

Problem: In the workplace, racks oftentimes reach capacity, but they still have empty spaces; with traditional racks there is virtually no way of preventing workers from filling those empty spaces and overloading the racking.

Seton’s solution: Seton’s Prevango Racking Limiter (coming soon!) provides an elegantly simple solution to this problem. The height limit is an efficient and easy way to block empty spaces in the racking with a highly visible lightweight barrier.

Disclaimer: The information provided through Legislation Watch is for general guidance only and is not legal advice. Legislation Watch is not a substitute for Health and Safety consultancy. You should seek independent advice about any legal matter.

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