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BS EN IS0 7010 (European Normative) Safety Sign Legislation |

BS EN IS0 7010 (European Normative) Safety Sign Legislation

The adoption of ISO 7010 in 2013 meant major design changes for safety signs

In 2003, BS EN ISO 7010 was created with the intention of common, internationally recognised symbols being used on safety signs. This had been a ‘best practice recommendation’ and so the UK continued to abide by its own standard – BS5499. In 2013 this all changed as ISO 7010 became European Normative BS EN ISO 7010 and was written into European Law. This meant that the UK and other member states had to adopt this legislation.

Health and Safety guidance recommends that the two different types of signage (BS 5499 and BS EN ISO 7010) should not be mixed in the workplace. See our guide to Understanding Safety Signs.


What is BS EN ISO 7010?

mandatory symbol

ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) 7010 prescribes the shape, colour and graphical symbol required on safety signs. Common symbols (or pictograms) were introduced and tested throughout all European countries to ensure that the symbols were easily understood and recognised across the EU. A pictogram is defined as "a symbol that represents a word, object or concept".


Why was BS EN ISO 7010 created?

prohibition symbol

Due to the increased number of non-native speaking workers in each European country, text-based safety instructions were no longer deemed sufficient. This highlighted the same problems facing those with poor eyesight, reading difficulties and other disabilities; the danger to worker safety became much more apparent.

The solution was to create an international standard for safety signs using pictograms that could be easily understood by everyone, regardless of their language, culture or ability. This meant that a Hard Hat safety sign in the UK looked exactly the same in another European country.


What do I need to do?

safe condition symbol

BS EN ISO 7010 applies to all workplaces, sectors and locations, with the exception of some very specialist signs used in rail, road, river, maritime and air traffic industries. Any premises required to display safety signs to convey safety information should be using BS EN ISO 7010 compliant symbols.


How can I be sure that my signs comply?

hazard warning symbol

We only manufacture signs that comply with BS EN ISO 7010, therefore you can be confident in the knowledge that any sign purchased from us will adhere to the latest legislation.

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