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Need help? Need help? Which floor signs do I need? Top-Rated UK Floor Signs, Free Fast Delivery

Floor signs are an easy and effective way to inform employees and site visitors of potential hazards and risks in the workplace. Seton also has a full range of floor signs that are specifically designed for social distancing parameters and boundaries.

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Floor signs buying guide

Seton offers a full range of floor signs including everything from wet floor signs, to restaurant-specific signs, number floor signs, floor signs custom and floor signs safety. Our floor signs are durable, anti-slip and eye-catching. Most importantly, they all adhere to UK regulations concerning workplace safety signs.

Floor sign placement

When placing floor signs, it is important to consider the traffic levels of the area and visibility concerns. Floor signs should be highly visible so that employees and visitors are unable to miss the signs. If the signs are placed in high traffic areas, it is important to regularly check to see if the signs are sustaining damage as they may need to be replaced more frequently.

Types of floor signs UK

Seton has a full range of floor signs for industrial, culinary, commercial, retail and manufacturing environments. Our floor sign range includes industrial PPE reminders, information about spill kits and first aid access, information for fire response equipment, equipment parking, waste disposal emergency exits, and general health, safety, route information and much more.

In addition to standard vinyl floor signs, we also have photoluminescent signs for emergency exits, fire exits and arrow signs to illustrate emergency exit routes during electricity shortages or blackouts.

All of the Seton floor signs are easy to install on clean, even surfaces. We also offer Primer for Heavy Duty Floor Signs which is used to prime surfaces prior to applying a heavy-duty, anti-slip floor sign. The primer is easy to use, will ensure that the floor signs are applied evenly to the surface, and is perfect for priming both indoor and outdoor locations

Floor signs for social distancing

We are all still adjusting to the new measures which we need to take as the coronavirus situation unfolds. Seton has a complete range of social distancing floor signs for social distancing and floor directional signs. These include vinyl floor signs for retail, for queues and for social distancing information.

Seton also offers convenient social distancing kits which include floor warning signs, barriers, cones, stencils and floor sign stands, depending on the kits.

Social distancing and other COVID-19 health and safety measures can be confusing for children especially. Children may not fully understand the coronavirus situation or why they need to follow new health protocols. As such, we offer a line of social distancing floor signs specifically designed for children.

These brightly coloured, illustrated signs are eye-catching and inform children of safety measures in a clear, yet entertaining, way. Some of these signs include Footprint Floor Signs and Plot-Cut Footprints to illustrate proper social distancing for kids, along with signs reminding children to wash their hands and practice social distancing. Seton also has a range of superhero signs which encourage social distancing and provide directions.