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How to Select Chemical Resistant Gloves |

How to Select Chemical Resistant Gloves

When you are choosing chemical resistant gloves you have to make sure the gloves you choose offer the right level of protection. Different gloves protect against different chemicals, and you can find out what chemicals gloves protect against by looking at the legislation to which they conform.


The main standard for chemical resistant gloves is EN374. There are different tests which gloves need to pass to meet the different levels of EN 374 standards. For a glove to achieve the EN 374-2 standard, it must pass a leak test. This ensures that the glove will not leak dangerous materials through seams and pinholes. Gloves which meet EN 374-2 will display the following pictogram:

Chemical protective gloves which meet EN 374-3 standards must have passed the relevant tests for EN 374-2. In addition, EN 374-3 gloves will have passed a resistance test against at least three chemicals from the specified list. The gloves list these letters underneath their pictogram so you can tell what types of chemicals the gloves protect against. Here are the chemicals and the corresponding letters; using these letters, you can find the type of gloves to suit your workplace.

A Methanol Primary alcohol
B Acetone Ketone
C Acetonitrile Nitrile compound
D Dichloromethane Chlorinated paraffin
E Carbone disulphide Sulphur containing organic compound
F Toluene Aromatic hydrocarbon
G Diethylamine Amine
H Tetrahydrofurane Heterocyclic and ether compound
I Ethyl acetate Ester
J n-Heptane Saturated hydrocarbon
K Sodium hydroxide 40% Inorganic base
L Sulphuric acid 96% Inorganic mineral acid

Gloves which conform to EN374 will display the following pictogram:

We sell chemical resistant gloves in a range of materials, with a variety of protection levels, so you can find exactly what you need. We also sell disposable gloves, many of which protect against chemicals.


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