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Training Defibrillators

Need help? Need help? Confused about Defib Training Equipment? UK’s No1 Choice for Best Value Training Defibrillators

In the UK alone, there is roughly one hospital admission every five minutes for heart failure. According to the British Heart Foundation, cardiac arrests that occur outside hospital environments have a much lower survival rate – just one in 10 people survive. Many heart attacks happen in the workplace, especially in roles that involve physical activity.

Sudden cardiac arrest is a leading cause of death. It is triggered by an electrical malfunction, which causes arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat), preventing blood being pumped to the brain, lungs and other organs. For the best chance of survival, a person suffering a cardiac arrest needs to receive treatment within minutes. An automated external defibrillator, or ‘AED’, can double or even triple the victim’s chance of survival.

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Defibrillator Training Equipment

Employers can greatly increase the safety of their workforce by implementing health and safety training initiatives, including training equipment for AED first aid.

Defibrillators are an effective way to save lives when cardiac arrest occurs, and they are easy to administer. However, without the right equipment to provide AED training, many people panic in the midst of an emergency and struggle to use the products correctly.

Seton has a comprehensive range of defibrillator training equipment and AEDs to suit your workplace training needs.

Defibrillator First Aid Guidelines and Requirements

It is important for employers to stay up to date with the HSE’s guidelines regarding first aid and AEDs – as of 1st January 2017, new guidelines came into force regarding AED training requirements. The new regulations specify that all first aid training must include Automated External Defibrillator Training, or ‘AED training’. This is a welcome development as it is easy to learn how to use an AED, and they are very effective in saving lives.

According to the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, it is not legally required for businesses and workplaces to install AEDs. However, if a health and safety assessment of your workplace shows that an AED should be installed, it is important to provide training to employees on its use.

Choosing an AED Training Defibrillator

When choosing a training AED, it is important to consider both workplace-specific requirements and the type of AEDs (if any) already installed on your premises.

Seton offers defib training kits produced by three major brands:

Our ZOLL range includes:

The Prestan Ultra AED Trainer is designed for instruction in both CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and defibrillator use, and can be used by children or adults. The kit includes an AED trainer that simulates automatic and semi-automatic defibrillator shocks, as well as a compression metronome, instructional graphics and voice prompts to train users in the administration of CPR. This can be used in conjunction with our Professional CPR Training Adult Manikin.

The Mediana Training Defibrillator is particularly suited to school and workplace training as it can simulate shock delivery in a number of different emergency situations. The Mediana Training Defib can simulate events in which there is a non-shockable heart, or where a shockable rhythm is detected. This allows trainees to experience a number of different types of emergency scenarios.

If you are selecting a defib training unit for use in a specific worksite, rather than as a first aid training provider, it is useful to base your choice of training defib on the brand of AED you are planning to purchase – or have already installed.

The Seton range includes defibrillators produced by ZOLL and Mediana, along with other manufacturers such as Philips and LIFEPAK.

AEDs for the Workplace

Seton carries a full range of AEDs and AED kits for the workplace. Once your staff have received instruction in how to use a defibrillator, they should be shown the location of your workplace AED(s) so that these can be easily identified in an emergency.

The Mediana AED Kit includes an easily identifiable storage unit for the device to keep it safe, clean and highly visible. The kit also includes signs, informative posters to guide untrained users, and wall brackets for installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Defib Training Unit?
AED training kits teach how and when to respond to a cardiac arrest emergency using an automated external defibrillator. A training defibrillator provides the opportunity to experience a simulated emergency situation and includes instructions on how to use the equipment correctly. Training kits or bundles may include a defibrillator training video, as well other visual aids and products to make learning how to use the kit as simple as possible.

Is an AED Training Defibrillator Mandatory?
The HSE has made CPR and defibrillation training a mandatory element of first aid training. Therefore you will need Defibrillator Training equipment to learn. If you have attended a first aid training course and been certified, you will also receive defibrillator training certification.

Is a Defibrillator Trainer Easy to Use?
All of our defibrillator trainers include clear instructions on how to operate and correctly use the kit provided. It may take some practice for those learning to feel confident they are ready to use a defibrillator in a real emergency, but that is why defib training units are so important. The training typically includes learning how to use and operate the AED machine in a situation where a defibrillator is available and CPR by itself cannot save a victim’s life.

What is the Best Defibrillator Training Equipment for Schools?
The Defibrillators (Availability) Bill 2017-2019 is currently working its way through the House of Commons. If the Bill is passed, it will require AEDs to be placed in education, leisure and sports establishments. This will mean that all schools will be required to install AEDs and to train staff in the use of defibrillators and other resuscitation equipment.

The Prestan Ultra AED Trainer is an ideal Defibrillator Trainer for schools looking to purchase new equipment because it has pads that can be adjusted for both child and adult recipients.