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First Aid Guides

As an employer or business manager, you have a responsibility to ensure there are adequate first aid measures available at the workplace, and part of that will be the delivery of first aid training and information. At Seton, we offer a selection of first aid training guides and resources, which can help with the implementation of a workplace first aid policy – helping to deliver first aid training to workers and to keep staff informed of first aid practices to be followed. Choose from our selection of first aid manuals, first aid booklets and first aid training tools to ensure all your workers are fully informed.

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Workplace First Aid Training

At Seton, we work with your business to help minimise the risk of potential accidents or injuries within the workplace, providing targeted health and safety resources for the benefit of your business and workers. However, even with full safety training and workplace safety provisions in place, accidents will occasionally happen. When they do, it is important to ensure that your staff are fully prepared to deal with them and able to easily deliver the necessary initial care.

Business owners and management should always ensure that they familiarise themselves with the relevant first aid regulations for their operation before outlining any first aid policy and recommended practices for their workplace. Once this has been done, managers and owners may wish to refer to our comprehensive range of first aid tools to ensure that their workspaces and their workers are fully equipped to deal with any emergency, as and when it may arise.

One of the many areas where we at Seton can help with first aid at work preparation, is with the supply of first aid training guides and other first aid literature to support the first aid plan within the workplace by trained volunteers and members of staff.

Workplace first aid manuals can provide a helpful reference for designated first aiders when dealing with a workplace illness or injury, offering your first responders easily accessible information on a range of conditions and providing them with systematic advice of how to deal with incidents in the workplace.

We can also provide businesses with a selection of health and safety literature covering first aid methods at work. It can be used in staff training programmes as it includes packs of training booklets outlining the facts about how workplace injuries and accidents should be dealt with while professional help is awaited.

Our first aid at work health and safety training booklets offer easily understandable information on first aid procedures within the workplace, how to access and deliver emergency care in the event of an illness or injury, and what workers can expect from their employer should first aid issues arise.

The training tools use both visual and verbal explanations to communicate the first aid message to employees during training. Booklets are available in illustrated or photographic versions, with images and illustrations carefully selected to help communicate the first aid message to the workforce.

To support the delivery of first aid training within your organisation, Seton also offer a wide range of tools for the delivery of first aid at work, including first aid supplies and first aid signage.