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Health and safety is an important factor in any workplace. The first step in ensuring your workplace is safe and healthy for workers is to undertake a health and safety assessment. This will help you assess the hazards involved and how best to mitigate them and deal with the repercussions should an accident occur. Even self-employed workers and small offices must have a first aid kit available, and the best place to start with a first aid kit is with plasters and dressings. Our range of plasters and dressings, just like all our first aid supplies, is comprehensive and varied, meaning you should almost definitely find whatever it is you’re looking for. If you’re not sure of where to start with plasters and dressings then look at our handy buying guide and FAQs below.

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Buying Dressings For Wounds

When it comes to the types of plasters and dressings to keep in a standard first aid kit, the best place to start is with standard plasters. For an office or business based first aid kit, where specialised injuries or accidents are unlikely to take place, most first aid kits could be kitted out with Pink Washproof Plasters. These sterile plasters can be worn when washing the hands and skin, as well as being low allergy and breathable. This helps the wound heal better while also protecting it, forming the first line of defence for the cut.

For anyone working in the catering industry, Blue Catering Plasters are a must. The blue hue is necessary to make it immediately obvious for those working in these sensitive environments such as food handling or in the medical profession. Like the pink plasters, they’re also suitable for use on sensitive skin, are latex free, and allow for greater skin breathability. Unlike the pink plasters, the blue plasters comply with food legislation so that your staff members remain compliant with the regulations.

To cope with larger injuries and wounds your first aid kit should contain wound dressings. These should be used in the interim between the wound first occurring and professional medical attention. The thick, sterile material quickly absorbs fluid and helps provide a greater level of protection than can be provided by plasters. Make sure in order to properly fix any wound dressings you also have surgical tape or pins to hand. Adhesive dressings can be used when you don’t have any tape or pins, however, and are particularly efficient and easy to use in the event of a small injury.

If serious injuries are possible in the workplace, it might be a good idea to also have some TraumaFix Dressings to hand, which help apply instant pressure to a wound and can hold up to ten times their own weight in fluid. There is a hook and loop fastening to ensure the dressing stays in place, which means you don’t need any surgical tape or pins to hand in order to provide the first aid needed. Available in two sizes, this helpful product works as both a bandage and a dressing, and could provide an injured worker with effective first aid.

We also have cleansing wipes, swabs, surface spray, adhesive eye pads and dressings, finger buddies and finger extension plasters. The QuickFix Plaster Dispenser is a great addition to any workplace and allows for quick, easy and hygienic access to individually wrapped plasters as a way of preventing cross contamination.


How do I know which plasters are best for my workplace’s first aid kit?

If larger injuries are possible, then wound dressings would be a good investment. If you’re still not sure, then we have an Assorted Plaster Value Pack, which has four different types of popular, general use plasters.

Do I need to replace items even if they haven’t been used?

Most of these items are sterile and must be used and/or replaced by the use by date indicated on the item.

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