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Vehicle First Aid Kits

Ensuring the health and safety of employees in the workplace extends to those who travel for work. It is your responsibility to ensure any company vehicles have vehicle first aid kits, as it is to ensure individual offices or workplaces have all the first aid supplies on-site that are necessary in accordance with a health and safety assessment. Numerous workers these days are required to travel in vehicles for work, and if this is the case with your organisation vehicle first aid kits are a way of making sure your employees are safe and secure, so have a look at our range of products.

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Choosing The Best Vehicle First Aid Kit For You

Much like our range of first aid kits, we have a great range on offer when it comes to vehicle first aid kits. We can provide you with just the item you’ve been after to ensure the health and safety of passengers and drivers. Our kits are compliant with the British standard for vehicle first aid kits and we also have a large range of individual items for refilling and replacement purposes. It’s important to remember to replace any items in a vehicle first aid kit once they’ve been used, but it’s also just as important to keep an eye on the use by date of any sterile items in the kit so that all items remain in date and therefore useable in the event of an emergency.

The British Standard Compliant Vehicle First Aid Kits were developed by a team of medical and emergency services professionals to ensure that all the items included are the most suitable for any likely need. This kit should be used in the event of a roadside accident or emergency before the appropriate emergency services arrive. Please be advised that in the event of a major accident, these kits are not intended to act as an alternative to seeking medical help, but are meant to serve as a complementary device to help reduce the initial impact of any accident or emergency that may have occurred.

The kits are available in a number of sizes, and as a result the contents do differ, but generally you should expect to find inside the kit the following types of items: dressings, bandages, shears, cleansing wipes, a foil blanket, gloves, a resuscitation device, and plasters, as well as a guidance leaflet are all included. Our range of British Standard Compliant Vehicle First Aid Kit Refills can help you keep your vehicle first aid kits fully stocked and refilled in the event that certain items have been used or have gone past their use by dates.

For an even more comprehensive kit when it comes to possible roadside accidents, we recommend our Roadside Emergency First Aid Kit. This not only includes first aid dressings, plasters, bandages and shears, but also, depending on the size of the kit you choose to purchase, includes items such as a fire extinguisher, high visibility vests, a torch, a triangle warning sign and breathalysers.

In the event of an accident or an emergency, this kind of self-preparedness when it comes to vehicle first aid kits and maintenance could really help diminish the effects of an emergency and ensure any drivers or passengers who have been impacted are able to respond quickly and safely, protecting them from further harm or injury.

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