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Biohazard & Bodily Fluid Equipment

Seton can supply a number of biohazard and bodily waste disposal products that allow you to safely remove hazardous materials and substances from your facility and dispose of them in a way that avoids putting staff or patients in danger.

Our tubs, waste bags and boxes are suitable for most medical environments and are built with durable, secure, specially-designed material that prevents contents from leaking out onto surrounding surfaces. Have a look at our guide which shows the importance of biohazard and how they can help guarantee that your facility meets health and safety regulations.

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Medical facilities deal with a variety of dangerous substances, and our range of biohazard and bodily waste disposal products consist of different containers designed to handle sharp objects, fluids, and contaminated materials. Bacteria and other contaminants can be transmitted via contact with blood, vomit, urine, or faeces from an infected person, therefore it's important to have safe methods of cleanup in many different environments, not just workplaces such as hospitals and care homes, but anywhere with the potential for a large number of people to congregate.

Biohazard Equipment Buying Guide

If staff at your medical facility are consistently forced to handle biohazardous materials, you’ll need to ensure you have measures in place and biohazard cleaning equipment to dispose of these dangerous items in a safe way. Our Biohazard Waste Bags are built specifically for this purpose, segregating biohazardous material with a carefully designed self-adhesive sealing strip. These bags are also very bright and clearly marked, making people aware of the contents inside and playing an important role in the establishment of hazard-free, clean medical environment.

Absorbent granules are available which comprise of several grams of chemically constructed powder. They can be used to assist the effective and hygienic clean-up of bacteria-riddled liquids that are often present in medical environments, such as blood, vomit and urine. Upon sprinkling this powder on top of any liquid, a gel-like substance will form, which will help to soak up all traces of potentially contaminating bodily fluids.

These absorbent powder granules are included with our biohazard clean up kits. These specially designed kits provide body fluid clean up apparatus packaged in individual applications, so each time there is an incident you have everything you need conveniently to hand and it can all be discarded together. These individual applications come with disinfecting agents so you can ensure any surfaces splashed with fluids can be wiped and cleaned in a thoroughly effective way. Gloves and aprons are also provided to protect the user as well as scoops and tissues.

Whilst disposing of liquid waste correctly is important, it is also imperative for medical facilities to dispose of sharp objects such as needles in a safe way too. Where needles are used on a regular basis sharps disposal equipment is vital to help prevent the spread of infections, and also recommended for any urban or industrial environment where there are items such as windows and light bulbs. Our standard sharps disposal kits contain individual applications containing biohazard bags, disinfecting wipes and sprays, gloves, forceps and sharps containers.

To cover all bases you may want to consider a combination kit. Supplied in a hard case it contains a combination of individual sharp and biohazard disposal applications.

Our sharps bins are secure units designed for disposing of hospital items with sharp edges, constructed from polypropylene, they are puncture and fluid-resistant, and brightly-labelled to warn people of the dangerous contents. These sharps bins are big, strong and most importantly, extremely safe. They are also suitable for all facilities operating in the healthcare sector, including hospitals, GP surgeries, accident and emergency centres, dentists and veterinary practices.


What should I do if emergency services are present?

If paramedics are attending the scene of a casualty you can ask them to advise you on the cleaning of the waste.

What other equipment compliments biohazard cleanup products to help prevent cross infection?

If you're a first aider, a face shield for resuscitation will help protect you from cross infection when carrying out CPR. Alcohol hand gel is also a useful thing to have at all times.

What methods can I use to minimise cross infection?

Wear gloves and protective aprons. Wash hands thoroughly. Also consider wearing eye protection.

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