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Adhering to health and safety guidelines is extremely important no matter what business you’re in. Whether you operate a busy office or a construction site, it’s vital you have a fully stocked first aid kit ready to be used at any time, because accidents do occur. Some of the most useful and necessary items to keep in your first aid kit are bandages and tape. We supply a wide variety of bandages and tape, ranging from simple surgical tape to tubular bandages to use when someone has strained or sprained an ankle, wrist or knee.

If you need advice choosing products please see our guide to tapes and bandages and FAQs

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Tapes and Bandages Buying Guide

Equipping your workplace with a first aid kit is one of the simplest and easiest ways to ensure the health and safety of the workplace and everyone present on the premises. The responsible person in the workplace must undertake an assessment to determine what is ‘adequate and appropriate’ when stocking a first aid kit. Even offices with fewer than five workers, as well as self-employed workers, must have a first aid kit, regardless of how minimal the health and safety risks might at first seem.

At Seton, we stock a wide range of first aid supplies, as well as producing our Legislation Watch newsletter and magazine, which helps keeps employers of all industries up to date with current health and safety legislation. The contents of a workplace’s first aid kit will of course depend on the size and type of workplace and workforce, but a good place to start is with bandages and tape. The Health and Safety Executive recommends keeping plasters and dressings of various sizes, triangular bandages and disposable gloves as a bare minimum.

Choosing First Aid Bandages and Surgical Tapes

If you’re unsure of where to begin when it comes to purchasing bandages and tape, then let our years of experience and expertise with health and safety in the workplace guide you.

Triangular bandages are a good place to start, as they have a variety of uses and purposes. With just one bandage, you can provide wound care, or alternatively help elevate an arm, wrist or leg, should an employee have an accident affecting a limb. Remember, however, that triangular bandages are intended to be single-use and that you must keep your first aid kit fully stocked, so if someone has recently had an accident and had to use a triangular bandage, you should replace it as soon as possible.

Microporous tape can be torn by hand, so there’s no need for scissors; this quality is especially important when you’re in a hurry to dress a wound. This tape is suitable for use on sensitive skin, and the microporous nature of it makes for faster healing, allowing the skin to breathe even as it is being protected. This type of tape is most commonly used in conjunction with a bandage of some type, whether triangular or crepe, in order to keep the tape in place and to help apply pressure to the wound.

For injuries such as sprains or strains, a tubular bandage or fingerstall might be necessary. Fingerstalls are particularly useful in catering environments, but can provide protection while also keeping the finger clean and dry in any situation. Tubular bandages are most useful when workers sprain an ankle or injure an arm. They are particularly useful in a first aid kit, because stresses and strains are common and these bandages are versatile and easy to use, with no need for pins or tape in order to keep them in place.


What first aid supplies do I need if I’m self-employed?

Self-employed workers are required to make sure a first aid kit is present in their workplace. They must undertake a health and safety assessment as in any other workplace and equip the first aid kit accordingly. If you often drive for your work, you may also be required to keep a kit in your car.

How often should supplies be replaced?

Once used, bandages and tapes should always be replaced. Some items may also include a use by date, which it is important to adhere to.

What size bandages and dressing should I buy?

You should buy a variety of bandages so that every size is covered. We have a pack of assorted bandage sizes that would be useful for larger workplaces, but remember that most bandages can also be cut to size according to the user’s needs at the time.

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