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Need help? Need help? How do I use fire blankets? Having a robust fire safety program is an important part of maintaining the health and safety of your employees. When it comes to dealing with small fires, Fire Blankets are an ideal solution, and we offer a selection of sizes and materials.

While you should not use Fire Blankets when a large fire breaks out, they can be critical in preventing the spread of small fires, especially those fires caused by fat, oil or grease in cooking areas, such as a kitchen or a canteen. Given their function, Fire Blankets are also a useful fire safety feature for the home.

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Fire Blanket Use

Home Fire Extinguishers are an essential device for any household when it comes to being ready for fire emergencies, an oft over looked but equally essential fire safety device is the fire blanket. They are especially useful in dousing small fires and are designed to be used primarily in the workplace or home. They are manufactured from fire-retardant materials and have been primarily used to smother small fires in kitchens and other cooking areas. However, safety professionals are using Fire Blankets more frequently in commercial and industrial organisations to extinguish fires that occur in warehouses, laboratories and office environments.

As with all Fire Safety Equipment, you should provide adequate fire training for your employees to show them how to use Fire Blankets correctly and effectively. Also, you should use specific signage together with the Fire Blankets to show where you have stored them so that employees can quickly locate them if a fire should occur. We provide Custom Fire Equipment Signs so you can be sure that no matter what type of fire equipment you make available there will be adequate information displayed to aid in its use in the event of an emergency.

We have a selection of Fire Blankets from which to choose. Our Classic Fire Blanket is a product that will last for years in the workplace or home. The bottom of the casing has a hinged lid that makes it easy to remove the blanket if a fire should occur, and the casing has a moulded keyhole that provides extra strength when you hang it up to keep it in full view and easily accessible. All of our fire blankets are manufactured from an uncoated glasscloth using a twill weave. They come with a five-year warranty and are a great investment that will reduce your worries about small fires in your home premises and work environment.

Our Flat Pack Fire Blankets are an ideal choice if you are looking for a fire safety solution but all you have available to you is a compact storage space. Each blanket comes in a PVC package with a moulding keyhole for hanging and is perfect for the home or for smaller workplaces. The blankets are available in a range of sizes.

Our Classic Fire Blanket & Sign Kits are perfect for larger workplaces, such as restaurant kitchens and schools. Each kit contains a fire blanket and a sign that demonstrates how you should use the blanket. The instructional sign has a simple and clear message and includes illustrations to help your employees understand what to do in the event of a fire. Also, the kit contains a sign that you can use to indicate that the blanket is missing from its proper location and needs to be returned. The sign contains large lettering, making it clear that the fire blanket is missing. The blanket is manufactured to the highest quality and is guaranteed to last for many years. For the sign that provides instructions on how to use the blanket, you have the choice between self-adhesive vinyl and a durable rigid plastic sign.

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