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Fire Extinguisher Stands

Need help? Need help? Where is the best place to store fire extinguishers? As important as fire extinguishers are for maintaining a safe home or workplace, the signs, stands and brackets which ensure that the extinguishers are organised and easily located can be just as important. When selecting the right fire extinguisher for a particular type of environment, it is important to also consider where the extinguisher will be located and how it will be placed.

This will depend on the specific requirements of your space and who will need access to the extinguishers. Luckily, there are a number of different options available that are sure to suit the needs of any environment.

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Finding The Best Placement For Extinguisher Brackets and Stands

There are several different ways to place, hang, or store fire extinguishers. One of the most common ways to hold extinguishers is with brackets, either lug brackets or J brackets. Lug brackets are designed for CO2 fire extinguishers and are shaped with a small lip for the 2kg and 5kg CO2 extinguishers to hook onto. J brackets, on the other hand, work well for most foam, water and dry powder extinguishers. Unlike the lip of the lug brackets, J brackets have a large, curving hook which most fire extinguishers can easily fit on. When placing the brackets, it is recommended that the brackets are situated no higher than one metre from ground level to allow easy access for most individuals.

There are of course areas where it is not possible to drill a bracket into a wall. In these cases, there are a number of different stands, both stationary and mobile, that can store fire extinguishers. The stationary stands are often bright red so in times of emergency, they can be easily and quickly found. Double extinguisher holders, oftentimes for a CO2 extinguisher and a foam, water or dry powder extinguisher, provide safety coverage for multiple types of fires.

Mobile fire extinguisher stands add another level of versatility to the extinguisher storage as they can be moved to various areas and easily rushed to a fire or potential fire. Mobile stands have hard rubber wheels that perform well over a variety of surfaces and will not deflate or puncture. These stands can also hold one or two extinguishers depending on the safety demands of a particular space. Some mobile stands also include a fire bucket which can prove instrumental in putting out small fires or efficiently absorbing flammable liquids from an area.

Fire extinguisher stands enable vital fire safety equipment to be highly visible

It is important to make sure that the extinguishers are very visible and clearly labelled. It is vitally important to use the correct fire extinguisher; if the incorrect extinguisher is used on a certain category of fire, it could actually make the fire worse. For example, if a CO2 extinguisher is used for a chip pan fire, the spray of the extinguisher could actually blast the chip pan fire into even more areas.

Due to the significance of using the right extinguisher, each stand should be labelled with information labels that explain what kind of extinguisher is located in the stand, and the various categories of fires that it should be used for. For brackets and stationary stands, it is also important to use bright, visible, and accurate signage so that the extinguishers can be easily located in a time of emergency. In order to protect and preserve fire extinguishers, covers and cases can be fitted over the individual extinguisher, or over a mobile stand. These covers have either transparent panels for instant identification, or easily removed front panels.

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