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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets

Keeping fire equipment stored away safely prevents it from being tampered with and damaged. Our secure cabinets ensure that you can have fully working fire equipment in case of an emergency. If you find that a seal on a cabinet door is broken, you know immediately that tampering has occurred and that the equipment has possibly been compromised and made less effective.

We have a wide range of fire equipment stands that are suitable for deploying fire extinguishers and other equipment. We also have a good selection of fire equipment trolleys that make it easy to move around fire equipment.

See below for our buying guide.

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Fire Extinguisher Cabinets: Buying Guide

We offer fire equipment cabinets that are used for several purposes. Our Fire Extinguisher Cabinets are suitable for both wall mounting and floor mounting. They are made from an extremely tough moulded polyethylene which will give you a high degree of chemical resistance. The cabinets have rounded corners for safety. They are ventilated and have a rubber seal to protect the contents from the weather. To implement the tamper-evident seal closure, simply loop a pull-tight seal through the holes in the cabinet to secure it. The cabinets are highly visible and display the symbol designating that they contain fire extinguishers. The cabinet also has a clear acrylic front panel to allow easy inspection of its contents.

Our Fire Hose Cabinets are an ideal way to keep your Fire Safety Equipment secure and are great for storing Layflat Fire Hoses. You can also keep fire safety documentation in these cabinets, including A3 fire plans. The cabinets are easily wall mounted, and you can affix them to most surfaces using masonry screws. The cabinets are weather-resistant and feature a water-resistant rubber seal around the door. The cabinet is clearly marked as containing a fire hose.

Keeping your fire safety documents secure is an integral part of fire safety practices, and storing these documents in our Metal Fire Document Cabinet makes sure that this is the case. This cabinet has clear identification and is suitable to store your A4 documents for ongoing use. The hinged door makes it easy to access your documents conveniently.

Fire Extinguishers are an important component of Fire Safety Equipment; they can prevent serious injuries and save lives while preventing fires from getting out of control. To make certain that they remain where they belong and are easy to locate, we offer our Heavy-Duty Fire Extinguisher Stands. The stand is manufactured from rugged moulded plastic that will stand up to abuse and has deep pockets for your fire extinguishers. These pockets make certain that they will stay put and not fall over and get damaged. The distinctive design makes it easy for your employees to notice them as a place to find fire extinguishers. We also offer our Classic Fire Extinguisher Stands, which are suitable for most fire extinguishers that weigh up to 12kg.

Construction sites and other outdoor locations where temporary work takes place can be challenging when it comes to fire safety. This fact is especially pertinent to fire protection equipment that is awkward and hard to transport. Our Mobile Fire Extinguisher Stands provide the perfect solution for this situation. The mobile stand has two wheels, making it easy to transport even heavy fire extinguishers. It also has a bracket for holding a bucket, making it easier for you to deal with fires safely and effectively. The mobile stand is very durable and is ideal for outdoor use.

You can also check out our extinguisher range including our C02 fire extinguishers.