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Fire Safety Information

Need help? Need help? What's the importance of fire safety documents at work? Contemporary health and safety legislation imposes a variety of highly prescriptive obligations on business premises to ensure workplaces meet all fire safety standards. An important aspect of compliance with this regime relates to fire safety information and signage.

In general, commercial premises are required to have, at the very least, fire action notices and extinguisher ID signs clearly identifiable at all times, as well as fire safety information relating to inspections and equipment maintenance readily available. As such, choosing the right combination of signs, with the right information clearly displayed, is of critical importance in any place of business.

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Fire Safety Legal Requirements in The Workplace

Fire safety information requirements for workplaces and other non-domestic premises in England and Wales are, for the most part, contained in the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, which consolidated several existing fire safety laws. This imposes on commercial premises owners an obligation to provide information, instruction and training to occupants about what to do in the event of a fire in that premises. As part of this, building owners are required to clearly display information throughout the building relating to emergency routes, fire safety equipment, and other fire safety information that would allow any occupants to safely evacuate the building in the event of a fire.

Under the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, building owners are also obliged to have fire safety information relating to inspections, training, and safety procedures readily available in the event of an inspection. This information should be safely stored at all times, with access limited to relevant persons only, such as a designated fire marshal, building owner, or external fire inspector.

Fire safety information awareness

To comply with health and safety legislation, fire safety information signage should be easy to read and contain short, concise information that allows the reader to quickly understand its contents. In this regard, an appropriate fire safety information sign will usually be brightly coloured in red or green, with a large, clear font, often in white lettering. The most commonly displayed signs are fire actions signs, which explain what to do in the event of an emergency, fire exit and assembly signs, fire safety equipment location signs, and signs relating to fire risk information.

Documents relating to fire safety information must also be readily available should they need to be inspected by either the fire marshal or an external fire safety inspector. This would include, for example, emergency escape route plans, fire safety log books, employee training records, incident log books, and any other essential fire documentation such as inspection records. This information should be stored in a central location that is easily identifiable and accessible, and kept safe from tampering or any general wear and tear.

As such, a good option for building owners would be to invest in a secure document holder that allows for easy access. This may come in the form of a simple fire document holder that protects the documents from wear and tear, or a more secure document cabinet that can be affixed to the wall with limited access by key. More comprehensive options will combine general fire safety information signs with a document holder for a central fire safety control centre which allows all of this information to be contained safely in one easily identifiable location.

To keep people safe from fire, it is essential to carry out a fire risk assessment. To achieve this we have created a 29 minute expert fire risk assessment guide. This is a comprehensive, easy-to-read guide that includes information on everything you need to carry out an effective fire risk assessment and avoid fines, plus a handy downloadable template to get started now.