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Fire Door Accessories

Fire doors are integral to fire safety. They are designed to help keep a fire from spreading, but they must be managed properly. You should test them on a regular basis to ensure that they close effectively, and you should frequently check to make sure there is nothing blocking them that would prevent them from closing.

We have a wide selection of Fire Door Equipment, including exit stops, fire door retainers, door seals, door closers, anti-arson letterboxes and panic bolts, to help you keep your fire doors working at peak efficiency. These devices are crucial in maintaining fire safety.

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Fire Door Closers and Stops: Buying Guide

Fire Door Closers are excellent fire safety devices that are easy to install, meet all applicable fire regulations and safety standards, and don’t require hard-wired connections to operate.

Fire door retainers are devices that are powered by batteries, and keep fire doors open when conditions are safe but will close them automatically when an alarm sounds for a pre-determined length of time. Our Dorgard Fire Door Retainer will automatically close a fire door after an alarm sounds above 65dB. It operates on two C batteries and features a low-battery indicator that alerts you when it is time to replace them. Simply attach it to a fire door with four screws and insert the batteries to activate. Our Sonicco Shuttle Premium Fire Door Retainer features an LCD screen to control its functions and perform weekly maintenance tests.

If you are concerned about arson attacks, our Anti-Arson Letterbox is just the product you need. The letterbox has an airtight seal that stops the flow of oxygen to the fire, and the built-in fire extinguisher activates automatically at 57ºC to protect your business from fire damage. The device is designed to install over a standard British letterbox opening, and it accommodates all normal letterbox post, including newspapers.

Our Exit Stoppers prevent unauthorised exits and entrances through emergency doors. It operates on a single 9v battery and automatically warns you when the battery is losing power. The devices emit a 90dB alarm if an unauthorised person opens the door, but an authorised person can override the device with a key. Our Exit Stoppers are available for both single and double doors.

Panic bolts are another item that is very useful in the workplace, especially in food preparation and clean room areas. If an emergency occurs, it is critical that your employees and any visitors leave via your building’s designated emergency exits and evacuate the premises as quickly as possible. The panic bolts that allow passage through the emergency exits must be reliable and operate easily to minimise the possibility of a malfunction that could result in serious injuries or even fatalities. Our Heavy-Duty Panic Bolts are the ideal solution to make certain that your emergency exit doors operate successfully. The bolts are manufactured from heavy die-cast aluminium. They are supplied with all the necessary fittings to install the device in many locations.

Fire doors are instrumental in ensuring the safety of employees in the event of a fire. Our Intumescent Door Seals for Fire and Smoke are a very effective way to ensure that smoke and fire don’t get past your fire doors in an emergency. The seals expand when they encounter heat, creating an impenetrable seal around the door that prevents smoke from coming through and holds back the fire for up to one hour. The extra time provided by the containment of the fire by the seals provides a greater possibility of limiting the risk to your employees and your building.

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