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Fire Alarms

Our selection of Fire Alarms & Detectors provides a variety of products that can help make the fire safety systems in your workplace effective. From fire alarms to smoke and carbon monoxide testers, these products will make certain that your employees are prepared if a fire should occur.

Every company must comply with relevant regulations and assess the risk of fires in the workplace, as well as conducting regular tests of Fire Safety Equipment. The cost of Fire Alarms & Detectors is a small price to pay when compared to the possible damage and expense that a fire can cause.

For more information, see below for our buying guide.

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Fire Alarm Systems and Smoke Detectors: Buying Guide

Fire alarms are essential to inform people quickly that there is a fire in progress. We offer an excellent selection of Howler Fire Alarms that are ideal for portable buildings and construction sites. There are four models with differing on/off mechanisms. They are easy to install, emit an 118dB alarm when activated, and come with a 9V battery. We also offer two versions of Savex Fire Alarms — a call point version and another activated by a push button. The alarm also has an integrated strobe light to alert people in noisy environments or people who are hearing impaired. The alarm has a 110dB sounder and is not suitable for outdoor use.

Our Mini Call Point Covers are very useful devices. These covers help prevent false alarms, which are very disruptive in workplaces, schools, hospitals, hotels and public buildings. Placing a cover over an alarm does not prevent it from use when a fire occurs. However, it does protect the alarm from being activated accidentally or disabled due to an accident. The cover also protects the alarm from dust and other environmental factors. The cover is manufactured from clear polycarbonate and installs easily. Both flush and surface-mounted models are available.

We offer an excellent selection of smoke detectors to give your employees an early warning should a fire occur. The lithium battery in our Long-Life Smoke Alarm comes with a ten-year guarantee. It features a compact design, innovative dual-ionisation sensor technology, a low battery warning, an alarm silence button and a loud piezoelectric alarm. Our Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector features a voice alarm that warns people of both the presence of fire and carbon monoxide. It has a test/reset button and a low battery indicator. Our Smoke Alarm with Emergency Escape Light operates on two 9v batteries and features a super-bright light that penetrates smoke and lights the escape route in addition to providing a loud 85dB alarm when smoke is present. The alarm has a test button for both the smoke and carbon monoxide detection functions and has a 30-day low battery warning.

We provide Smoke Alarm Tester Starter Kits that you can use to make certain that your smoke detectors are working properly. Each kit contains a 250ml aerosol can of smoke, an aerosol smoke dispenser and a 13 metre extension pole. Use a short burst of smoke with the aerosol smoke dispenser to efficiently test your smoke detectors. Testing your smoke detectors is a critical part of the overall fire safety programme that ensures that your Fire Protection Equipment will perform when needed if a fire should occur.

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