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Fire Door Holders

Need help? Need help? Which fire door holders are best for your workplace? Top Quality Fire Door Holders - UK's Best

The purpose of a fire door is to prevent the spread of a fire and it should therefore ideally remain closed. The HSE guide to Fire Safety and the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 contain the legal specifications regarding fire safety. It is illegal to prop open a fire door with unapproved means.

The cost of propped-open fire doors can be measured in pounds, injuries and fatalities. In a single year, the UK recorded over £1m in fines, two injuries and 14 deaths – all due to illegally wedged-open fire doors. The installation of fire door holders – also known as fire door containers – safely and legally solves this issue.

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The Importance of Fire Door Retainers

Fire doors, as per legal requirements, need to be fitted with fire door closers. These automatically close a fire door in the event of a fire emergency. Despite legal prescriptions, people tend to prop open fire doors with to-hand items such as fire extinguishers and wedges. Reasons forhaving fire doors holders on your fire doors include the following:

  • To remove obstacles from the path of employees during evacuation.

  • Closed doors present challenges to the disabled, infirm, elderly and young.

  • Automated fire door closers will ensure that, in the event of a fire, employees can focus on getting out of the building and away from fire.

Wedged-open fire doors are illegal and unsafe. Fire door retainers solve this problem by keeping fire doors open during normal situations. These holders – usually fitted and triggered by an alarm – release a fire door in the event of a fire so that it can close.

Fire door holders have several benefits, including:

  • Legal compliance. Fire door containers are legal devices and will not lead to fines and penalties.

  • The promotion of safety and eliminating unnecessary risks such as unwanted objects in doorways.

  • Creating ease of access for people who may be hampered by disabilities, injuries or age.

  • Establishing open doorways in high-traffic corridors.

  • Preventing people from touching doors and door handles, helping to curb the spread of COVID-19.

We have considered all legal requirements and implications in selecting our range of fire door holders.

Different types of fire door holders

There are various fire door hold open devices that can be fitted to fire doors:

  • A magnetic fire door retainer has an electrically powered magnet fitted to the floor or wall with a steel plate attached to the door. This device is connected to the fire alarm system. Once the alarm is triggered, fire door magnetic holders release the door for closing to prevent the spread of a fire. These retainers also come with a push button that releases the door.

  • An acoustically activated fire door retainer or fire alarm door holder is a type of door wedge that can be pushed down with one’s foot to hold the door open. The sound of the fire alarm triggers this plunger, which then retracts and the door closes.

  • Free swing-door closers combine the functionality of door closers and door holders. These devices are battery-powered and acoustically activated. As with the other devices, the closing mechanism is triggered by the sound of the fire alarm.

Our top 3 fire door holders

Here is a selection of our best fire door holders:

1. The Dorgard battery-operated fire door holder is easy to install and cost-effective.
2. Fire Door Retainer & Signage bundle kit includes the required signage. These signs create awareness and provide information about matters such as the location of fire escapes.
3. Magnetic Digital Door Holders prevent unnecessary damage to floors and carpets.

Fire door holders are essential fire door accessories that eliminate an array of potential risks.