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Fire safety

Fire Log Books

Per the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005, all employers must conduct and record a fire risk assessment. Using our Fire Safety Management Pack is the fastest way to assess the risk of fire at your workplace. Our Fire Safety Management Pack enables you to conduct a full risk assessment.

To keep your workplace safe, it’s very important to conduct a fire drill, maintenance and checks of working conditions. The best way to keep track of all this information is to use our Fire Safety Log Book to keep track of all fire drills, staff training and fire equipment checks.

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Fire Risk Assessment Guides and Resources

Paperwork is an important part of complying with the regulatory process for fire safety, and we have a range of products that simplify that burden for you. From books to create and log fire prevention activity to Fire Safety Control Centres to keep that information readily available to all of your work colleagues and employees.

Our Fire Safety Management Pack ensures that you keep all your fire safety records and documents in one place. The management pack provides a step-by-step working guide that uses easy-to-follow instructions to make your paperwork burden easier to complete. The pack ensures that you manage your fire safety program effectively and maximise your fire safety measures. Both the manual and the CD-ROM contain master copies of every form, enabling you to manage your fire safety program at your own pace. The CD-ROM is an electronic version of the manual (provided in Adobe Acrobat PDF format), which allows you to edit and save the information and then print pages to keep the manual up to date.

By using this management pack, you’ll assess your workplace, discover and eliminate weak points and any areas of concern, keep your employee training and inductions up to date, plan for emergencies, and keep up-to-date records of your equipment and alarm checks. Both the CD-ROM and manual contain an explanation of the Fire Safety Order, a fire risk assessment, the fire safety procedures and checklists, and essential forms and record sheets. Additional content includes an explanation of new Fire Regulations, a guide to fire risk assessments, a fire safety checklist and self-audit, maintenance log sheets for extinguishers/alarms, employee fire safety training records, and other useful reference information.

Our Fire Safety Log Book contains 44 pages and is filled with suggestions and information to assist you to develop a fire safety plan and a list of emergency procedures that are critical components of your company policy for safety and health. The log book also provides tips on how to conduct staff training and fire drills and information about fire alarms, fire doors, fire extinguishers and emergency lighting. A fire safety plan should be one of the first items that you prepare for your emergency and safety procedures and is of paramount importance regardless of the type of company that you manage.

The Fire Safety Log Book is a record of your activities related to fire safety, including the types and locations of your fire extinguishers and the dates that you last checked them, the records of your fire drills, your signage inspections, your checks of your fire alarm system, your marked fire exits and other exits, your fire risk assessments, your planned fire evacuation routes, your lists of flammable gasses and hazardous chemicals, and your building plans.

We also offer a Fire Safety Log Book Holder to keep your log book in a readily accessible place. The log book holder is wall-mounted and displays a message when the log book is not in the book holder.

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