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Spill Kits

Our spill control kits are ideal for many messes. From simple spills to more problematic leaks – they can deal with all manner of substances including water, sewage, chemicals, oil and other hazardous materials. Whether you choose an economy spill kit or a heavier duty alternative, you will find that by purchasing a kit you have all you need to deal with a potentially dangerous situation straight away. At Seton, all of our spill kits comply with current legislation for removing and cleaning away dangerous liquids so you can be sure you are buying the best.

For more information on spill containment kits, where to use them and the need for specialist solutions, check out our helpful guide.

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Spill Containment Kits for All Locations

Being ready for an accident or emergency will be a major part of your COSHH risk assessment. Identifying potential hazards in your workplace will give you a good understanding of what type of substances might need to be cleared up and whether spills or leaks are likely to be small or large scale. Using this information you can decide what type and how much spill control material you need.

Using a spill kit relevant to your site will ensure you have sufficient stock of the correct items. Our spill containment kits come in all sizes and configurations, suitable for emergency situations and routine maintenance.

For immediate response at storage or workstation locations, our emergency spill kits and disposable spill kits are available for most liquids and include absorbent materials, personal protective equipment (PPE), disposal bags and instructions.

Larger kits are also available for bigger spills or where the risk is greater. A mobile trolley spill kit can be held in a central location or cleaner’s cupboard and easily transported as required. Featuring internal shelves to keep supplies organised, a kit of this type will make clear up much more efficient.

Specialised Spill Response Kits and Equipment

Dealing with spills or leaks from drums can be particularly problematic as the contents are likely to be especially hazardous and large amounts are often involved. Specialised drum spill kits are available to help simplify the process. A good option is a kit that includes an overpack which can store a leaky or damaged drum in preparation for disposal. The overpack drum spill kit includes enough absorbent material to soak up the entire contents of a 210 litre drum giving you peace of mind should the worst happen.

Vehicles carrying hazardous substances should always carry spill control equipment with them. Several kits are available for that specific purpose, including the ADR vehicle spill kit. Offering everything you’ll need when out and about, the kit can be packed away into a handy bag that fits under or behind the driver’s seat.

When working with harmful liquids, spill containment equipment must always be present on your site. It is therefore a good idea to have an additonal standby kit or hold some extra stocks of absorbent materials so they can be instantly replaced. Kits will always include PPE, but again it is advisable to have extra supplies of items such as gloves so they can be replaced as required. Where your risk assessment has deemed there to be a chance of a larger incident, chemical resistant clothing is a must.

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