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Infection Control You have a duty of care PROTECT YOUR EMPLOYEES

Looking for Coronavirus Protection? UK-Rated Infection Control Supplies

The health and safety of your employees and customers during this global health crisis is paramount. With many businesses now planning to go back to work, it is imperative that you have all the tools and equipment you need to operate safely.

Apart from protecting the health of yourself and your employees, infection control in the workplace will help protect your business too. Having too many employees off sick means that you won’t be able to operate as normal and this will potentially put your business at risk. Fortunately, we have all the products you need to help prevent this scenario.

How to Keep Your Work Environment Clean and Hygienic

Maintaining a clean and hygienic work environment is of vital importance right now. But how can you make sure your staff and customers are preventing the spread of Coronavirus by keeping clean?

Our safety-tested hygiene products such as hand wash, sanitiers, surface cleaning spray and hands-free bins will help keep your working environment as clean as possible. Whilst our wide range of infection control signs will help remind everyone to keep clean and prevent spreading the virus to others.

Coronavirus Signage

Our specially designed Coronavirus posters are bright, bold and easy to read. Making things as clear as possible for you and your colleagues in these uncertain times.

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Wash Your Hands and Infection Control Signage

Maintaining a high level of hygiene is of vital importance to help prevent contracting and spreading the virus. Our signs help to remind everyone in your workplace to stay clean and stay safe.

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Hand Sanitiser, Soap and Wipes

Our high quality gels, wipes and soaps are essential to help everyone in your workplace stay safe. Providing your staff and customers with these products will help to ensure everyone is keeping as clean as possible.

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Disinfectant Spray and Antiviral Cleaners

Apart from keeping ourselves clean, it is equally important to keep the environment we live and work in clean too. Our safety-tested cleaning products will help to stop the virus in its tracks before it spreads.

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Other Hygiene Products to Keep Your Work Environment Clean and Hygienic

If you haven't found what you need yet, then check out all the other hygiene products we have in stock. Our extensive range ensures there are products suitable for every workplace environment.

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Bin Bags and Plastic Bins

It’s incredibly important that any contaminated items are either cleaned (if possible) or immediately disposed of. Our bin bags and bins ensure that you have an effective way to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

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Biohazard Clean-Up

We want you to be prepared for anything in the workplace. Our biohazard products include items such as body fluid spill kits, along with many other products to ensure that you have exactly what you need during a medical incident.

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Infection Control First Aid Supplies

To ensure that you are equipped to handle infection control in the workplace, we have many items in stock such as first aid kits, thermometers and much more.

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Cross Contamination Prevention and Hands-Free Products

In order to reduce the spread of Coronavirus, we have a wide range of hands-free products such as bins and foot-pump hand sanitiser dispensers.

How to Implement Social Distancing in the Workplace

Secure Office Space - Social Distancing

We all know by now how important social distancing is to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus. But how do you effectively manage this in the workplace without making it too difficult to operate effectively?

We have the solution right here with our brand new range of social distancing signage and equipment to keep your staff and customers aware of the importance of social distancing and to avoid complacency going forward. For more information on social distancing and our products, visit our Social Distancing page.


Social Distancing Signage

Our signage is designed to keep your employees informed about the rules of social distancing and to avoid complacency going forward

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Social Distancing Anti-Slip Floor Signs

Our bright and bold anti-slip floor signs are designed to be easy to read so that everyone in your workplace knows where they stand (literally!)

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Social Distance Floor Stencils

Our floor stencils are simple but effective. Designed to instruct your staff and customers where to stand to queue safely.

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Floor Marking Tapes and Markers

Whatever your work environment, our huge range of floor tapes and markers ensures that you will find something suitable for your needs.

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Social Distance Kits

Here at Seton, we want to make things as easy as possible for you at this difficult time. Our bundles provide great value, and are also a convenient way for you to get a mix of products which provide everything you need.

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Queue Management Systems

As well as keeping your staff safe, it is equally important to keep your customers safe too. Our high quality queue management products help to ensure your customers can enter your shop safely, whilst also maintaining a limited number of customers within your store to help prevent the spread of the virus./p>

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Other tips & tricks to implement social distancing in the workplace

Here at Seton, we have thought of everything so you don’t have to. For further tips and tricks on how best to protect everyone in your workplace, you’re in the right place.

Workplace Social Distancing - Step-by-Step Guide

How to Protect Your Employees and Your Customers

Are you unsure of what products you need to protect yourself, your staff and your customers? Well, you’re not alone. This is a confusing time for everyone, but we’re here to help you get exactly what you need. We stock a wide range of top-grade, safety-tested PPE, such as protective suits, safety gloves, protective glasses & face shields, respiratory masks, and much more. Our products are suitable for use in hospitals, warehouses, factories or offices. So wherever you work, you can be kept as safe as possible.

Single-Use Protective Suits

Our disposable suits are specially designed for high-risk environments to provide protection for your employees.

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Safety Gloves

Your hands are most likely to come into contact with Coronavirus more than any other area of the body. That’s why gloves are essential to wear to help protect yourself. Our high-quality safety gloves are made for single use but tough enough not to split like others can.