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Plum Eye Wash - Complete and effective emergency eyewash

Plum emergency eye wash provides functional first aid solutions to suit a range of workplaces. Plum are dedicated to providing complete first aid eye care through their extensive range of eye wash products and accessories. Having emergency first aid in high-risk environments and workplaces is crucial to the safety of your employees. Plum ensure their eye wash products are fast, effective and safe. From bottles of solution, to eyewash stations and refills, all Plum emergency eye wash is sterile and FDA registered. During a first aid emergency, every second counts and instant access to treatment is vital. Plum eye wash ensures rinsing the eye or body is possible in just a few seconds.

An extensive range of recognised and trusted Plum eye wash first aid is available from Seton, from stations and cases to bottles of Saline and Eyewash solution. All Plum eyewash stations come equipped with clear and concise pictograph instructions and are most effective when conveniently situated in high risk environments. All eyewash stations are extremely easy to access and bottles of solution can be opened with one hand in a single movement. Wall mounted features ensure stations are able to be installed anywhere for increased visibility and easy access with many other options available such as integrated mirrors and different combinations of solution. Plum eye wash cases are ideally suited to high risk warehousing and workshop environments, featuring sturdy construction to protect first aid equipment from dust, dirt and impacts. Emergency eye wash is essential first aid to have in high-risk environments to treat serious accidents such as chemical spills however, it is also necessary in lower-risk environments such as schools and offices where accidents may occur. Ensure your workplace is compliant with the Health and Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 by providing emergency eye wash in your workplace where necessary.

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