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Maglite® - An Illuminating History |

Maglite® - An Illuminating History

From its humble beginnings in Los Angeles in 1955, Maglite® Torches have evolved to become the trusted brand in hand held light technology. Started with a $125 down payment for a lathe, Tony Maglica built an empire based on quality, efficiency and innovation. By 1974 Mag Instruments® Inc is born and 5 years later the Maglite® flashlight is introduced. From then on came industry first after industry first with the introduction of the rechargeable Maglite® in 1982 and the mini Maglite® in 1984. The Maglite® production facilities are located in California and every Maglite® torch in the world today has been designed, manufactured and tested in the USA. The anodized aluminum MAGLITE® and Mini MAGLITE® flashlights have been honored by the Japan Institute of Design and by the Museum for Applied Art in Germany. Fortune and Money magazines ranked Mag Instrument products among the top 100 products that “America makes best”. In 1996, the Wall Street Journal referred to the Maglite® flashlight as “the Cadillac of flashlights”, and quoted then-CEO of Apple Computers, Gilbert F. Amelio, as saying he wanted Apple to be “essentially the MAGLITE® of computers”. Today Maglite® employs several hundred people and continues to drive innovation and technological advancements within torch technology. Seton proudly offers a range of Maglite® torches including the Maglite® Mini and the Maglite® LED.

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