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Howard Leight, protecting hearing for over 30 years

For over 30 years Howard Leight, a part of the Honeywell group, have been preventing work related hearing damage and loss with innovation and cutting edge technology. Howard Leight offers the largest range of in the ear and over the ear hearing protection solutions including the highest attenuating single use ear plug on the market today, the Multi Max® . From the hugely popular Bilsom® 303 ear plugs to specialised Forestry Kits incorporating both head and hearing protection Howard Leight products utilise the latest in product design and patented technology. Seton offer over 50 Howard Leight hearing protection products to suit most working environments and attenuation needs. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to discover the different types of ear plugs available and which type is best suited to your working environment.

Single Use Ear Plugs - These are an economical choice of hearing protection and are best suited to environments where infrequent changes are required or where reuse will present hygiene concerns. Soft foam construction means these ear plugs are comfortable and can be used for prolonged periods. Howard Leight single use ear plugs include:

Multi Max®: Its unique shape allows it to be inserted into both larger and smaller ear canals - Protection level: SNR35

Laser Lite® - Featuring a ‘T-shape’ construction and brightly coloured exterior for easy on site compliance checks - Protection level: SNR32

Max Lite® - The low pressure polyurethane foam ear plug is ideal for people with smaller ear canals - Protection level: SNR34


Reusable Ear Plugs - Best suited for employees who constantly, day after day, are going to be working in high noise environments. As they can be cleaned they have a long life, and for frequent wearers can be a more economical choice than single use ear plugs. Howard Leight multi use ear plugs include:

SmartFit® - Using Conforming Material Technology™ and supplied with a handy case, these are a great choice for frequent users - Protection level: SNR30

Fusion® - The FlexiFirm® centre aids insertion and removal and this ear plug is available in a small version too - Protection level: SNR28

Pilot® - Incorporating hybrid ‘push in’ technology the Pilot® is perfect for low to moderate noise environments - Protection level: SNR26

Quiet® - Its built in flexible stem requires no roll down so is ideal for environments where frequent insertion and removal is needed - Protection level: SNR28

Detectable Ear Plugs - Specifically made for the food industry and any other manufacturing environment where contamination is unacceptable, detectable ear plugs contain detectable metallised components. Combined with bright colours and cords to prevent accidental loss these ear plugs are a must have for sensitive production plants. Howard Leight detectable ear plugs include;

Fusion®Detectable Ear Plugs - Maintaining the key features from the reusable Fusion ear plug but with the addition of a metal ring and cord to ensure detection if lost - Protection level: SNR28

SmartFit® - A detectable version of the popular SmartFit® reusable ear plug with great attenuation levels - Protection level: SNR30

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