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Evac+Chair - The easy way to safely evacuate people during an emergency |

Evac+Chair : The leading evacuation chair on the market today

First introduced in 1982 the Evac+Chair® is the brain child of American inventor Daniel Egan and was developed as a direct response to his wife's slow and people dependant evacuation from her 38th story office. Egan realised that the evacuation of incapacitated people relied on unsafe and poorly designed equipment plus required a constant relay of strong, fit employees. From its simple inception as nothing more than a chair with wheels to the final product 2 years later the Evac+Chair® had to be light, remove the need for physical exertion by the operator and allow a controllable speed of ascent. Since its introduction the chair has undergone 5 major design revisions and the Evac+Chair® range has become the worlds number one stairway evacuation chair in production today.

Built here in Britain the Evac+Chair has been constructed to function without the use of gadgetry or complex mechanics, instead the Evac+Chair® range relies upon gravity and physics to almost eliminate user effort. Located in Birmingham, England, Evac+Chair International Ltd, research, develop, manufacture, test, train and supply the entire Evac+Chair® range.

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Classified as a medical device the evacuation chairs must adhere to the strict European directives regulating such devices and all Evac+Chairs® carry the CE mark. Both the 300H Evacuation Chair and the 500H Evacuation Chair allow a person of up to 182kg (28 stone) to be safely evacuated by a single operator. For a greater load capacity the 500H Evacuation Chair can be operated by 2 people and carry up to 227kg or 35.5 stone.

Building upon the success of the 300H and 500H the newly introduced, dual operated 700H Evacuation Chair is capable of ascending stairs whilst carrying a passenger. This UK made, ascending and descending evacuation chair is also only 460mm wide so ideal for going up or down narrow or spiral stairwells.

Stainless steel frames, detachable seats, wall hanging hardware and the ability to fold away while not in use make these chairs a must have for your evacuation planning.

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