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Ergodyne; the Tenacious® makers of unique workplace solutions

Located in picturesque St. Paul, Minnesota, Ergodyne have been manufacturing workplace safety wear for the past 30 years. Founded by Dr. Tom Votel in the early 1980’s as a side project to try and help reduce worker injuries and the inherent costs they can create, Ergodyne have continued to evolve and now produce a wide range of personal protective equipment, storage aids and workplace accessories. Initially Ergodyne launched a back support system to provide additional support to the weaker lower back. Now they publish a 140 plus page catalogue with hundreds of workwear and workplace safety solutions. Ergodyne’s continued dedication to create ‘disproportionately positive results’ for workers and safety professionals has resulted in their products being awarded 91 global patents and 55 trademarks.

Ergodyne Evolution

‘83 - ’85 - Starting out in a small log cabin the genesis of Ergodyne was unspectacular and almost a non starter due to twice running out of cash. They persevered however and began to realise the dream of producing innovative and unique safety workwear.

‘85 - ‘86 - After a shaky start the company is renamed Ergodyne and the Proflex® range is born.

‘86 - ‘92 - Growth is exponential as the company races up the Inc 500 list to reach 165 by 1992. Further innovation in the glove range produces innovative vibration reducing gloves and the company begins to explore the office ergonomics market.

‘92 - ‘94 - Despite their success the folks at the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), a US based agency, had other ideas and it was back to the drawing board, but they were determined to return bigger and stronger.

‘94 - ‘01 - After some head scratching and re-innovation the Proflex® range is completely redesigned and expanded. They dabble with ergonomic seating with less success but reach new heights by developing and patenting the award winning Patient Transfer Device, the On3®. They also have time to introduce the Chill-its® brand.

‘01 - ‘07 - Now riding high on success the Ergodyne company goes into innovation hyperdrive. They sell the On3® line and concentrate on Managing the Elements, Improving Productivity and Providing Protection and introduce the Arsenal®, Squids®, N-Ferno® and Glowear® brands.

‘08 - present - The brands, and innovation behind them, keep on coming and they release the Core Performance Work Wear® range, Shax® Portable Work Shelters and the Skullerz® Head Protection range. The Tenacious Holding Inc® platform is established and the Egodyne brand continues to spread the globe keeping people safe and always resolved to ‘Be Tenacious®

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