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Bollé - An Innovator in Safety Eyewear Technologies

The Bollé Company began in the small town of Oyonnax, France in 1888 when Seraphim Bollé first started manufacturing combs and hair ornaments from the boxwood and horns indigenous to the region.

After WWII, Bollé diversified and began producing nylon to the highest standards in the world. It was not until 1950 that Bollé first introduced safety glasses and goggles to the market; products that they are still famed for today.

In 1956 Georges Bollé created the famous nylon 'cat-eye' sunglasses and in 1960 ski goggles were first introduced. Leading the industry in product innovations, the Bollé family took the business from a small cottage industry to one of the world's leading manufacturers of premium eyewear.

Now, over 100 years later, Bollé products are distributed and worn all over the world. Bollé has developed particular strength in the sports specialty market and continue to manufacture a wide range of safety eyewear for all and every application.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to learn more about the Bollé lens and product technologies that make Bollé safety eyewear among the leaders in the market place today.

Bollé use a combination of lens innovation and frame technologies to provide the maximum protection and comfort to their range of safety glasses and safety goggles. Below is a summary of each technology and how it will help you choose the correct safety eyewear for your requirements.

Lens Technologies


Extra Sensory Perception coating



Extra Sensory Perception is a coating that improves the wearers ability to see detail by improving contrast, reducing glare and eliminating the harmful effects of blue light. Combining the advantages of both clear and tinted glasses ESP coated glasses are ideal for people who constantly move between areas of shade and sunlight or work in low light levels.


clear lens coating



This clear lens coating allows 96% of visible light to pass through compared to just 90% for regular clear lenses. The HD coating also has hydrophobic properties forming a barrier against water droplets and water based liquids.


anti-fog coating


Using Bollé ESP coating technology as a foundation Twilight builds upon it by adding an anti-fog coating to both sides of the lens. Maintaining the high contrast, high definition and superior light transmission of the ESP combined with the anti-fogging properties make safety glasses with this coating ideal for early morning starts or evening work.


scratch-resistant anti-fogging lens


This coating is applied to both sides of the lens and is highly resistant to scratches from aggressive chemicals and also has effective anti-fogging properties.


polarized lenses


Bollé Polarized lenses reduce the glare that strikes the eye helping to reduce eye fatigue and eye stress. The Polarized lenses also protect the eye from UVA and UVB rays blocking out almost 100%.


thermal seal lens



Frame Technologies


tipgrip frame

Non-slip TIPGRIP uses revolutionary non-slip materials to prevent safety glasses moving during use and provide an extra level of comfort.

B-Flex bridge

The B-Flex bridge technology allows the bridge of the safety glasses to be fully adjustable, remains pliable and soft and its shape memory material will provide fit and comfort every use.

Flex 160 frames

Flex 160º frames provide safety glasses with an extra degree of arm movement that takes up any space between the temples for maximum user comfort.

pivoting temples frame

Pivoting Temple technology allows the frame of the safety glasses to sit at varying angles for added comfort and a more secure fit.

adjustable bridge glasses

Adjustable Bridge feature allows the eyewear to be adjusted to different sized faces for added comfort.

removable temples glasses

Removable Temples allow safety glasses to quickly transformed into goggles when added security is needed. Can be seen in the Cobra range of safety glasses/goggles.