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Armorgard Secure Storage - Specialists in the Safe Handling and Storage of Hazardous Goods

Specialising in secure storage products, Armorgard provide solutions to the storage of hazardous goods and flammables. Using durable, heavy gauge steel, Armorgard are able to produce safe, lockable containers to ensure the safe handling and storage of hazardous substances. Welding the base of their storage units, Armorgard prevent the risk of chemical spills by ensuring the correct measures are taken to contain spillages within the cabinets. Armorgard’s unique construction prevents the build up of fumes inside the unit to prevent leakage, ensuring the safety of your workplace, employees and goods. Seton UK offers a range of Armorgard security products that are safe yet still accessible and well organised.

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Seton offer Armorgard storage products which are ideal for building sites and factories as well as providing in-vehicle solutions. Complete with warning stickers and messages, the cabinets and boxes are available with high and low ventilation and in a range of sizes, providing solutions for many different environments and requirements. Featuring internal adjustable shelving, Armorgard’s innovate design ensures products stored in the units are easily accessible while remaining completely secure. Ideal for fixed installations, Armorgard provide red FlamBank vaults in up to seven sizes which comply to all regulations for the safe storage of chemicals and flammables. Also available are red FlamStor cabinets complete with heavy duty doors and up to 5 lever deadlocks. Browse the Seton range of Armorgard fixed installations as well as their in vehicle solutions to find the right product for your workplace.

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