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The specialised Ansell range of gloves and the protection each brand provides

Ansell is a global leader in personal protection solutions. Founded over 100 years ago Ansell designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of hand and arm protective solutions compatible with industrial and medical applications.Ansell’s vision is to create a world where people enjoy optimum protection from the risks to which they are exposed. Ansell products are manufactured to the highest standards guaranteeing maximum protection which meets or exceeds quality expectations.


Ansell’s Industrial Global Business Unit is responsible for the manufacture of high performance, multi-use protective products including a wide range of Chemical Resistant Gloves and Impact Resistant Industrial Use Gloves for use in vast array of industries including automotive, chemical processing, construction, mining, agriculture, warehousing, manufacturing, military and industrial cleaning applications.

Ansell’s Single Use Global Business Unit manufactures high quality single use hand protection solutions for a wide array of applications. Incorporating technologies to resist chemicals and prevent the spread of microorganisms these gloves, including the Ansell Touchntuff® Nitrile Gloves, are ideal for food preparation, medical and automotive industries.

Ansell have a variety of brands helping you to choose the correct hand protection for your needs.

ActivArmr® are a range of gloves designed for tough manual work. Offering dexterity, impact protection and specific protection for the extremes of military work, emergency service environments and construction projects, ActivArmr® have a glove for you.

AlphaTec® provide the wearer with the maximum in chemical protection. AlphaTec® gloves are also designed to provide high levels of grip and comfort, manage moisture levels and will resist degradation from chemical contact.

HyFlex® are the number one top selling industrial glove. Introduced in 1996 the HyFlex® range have been ergonomically designed for dexterity, comfort and protection. Incorporating many Ansell technologies including Ansell Grip Technology™, ZONZ™ Knit Comfort Technology and cut resistance properties, HyFlex® gloves are the lightweight glove of choice for many industries.

VersaTouch® have been specifically designed for the food processing and handling industries. Fully introduced in 2012 the VersaTouch® range meets all EU regulations that cover contact with food. The range also features Polar Bear™ Cut Technology as cuts to the fingers and hands are the most prevalent injuries in the food processing and preparation industries. Advanced spinning and knitting technologies combined with material science offer high levels of cut resistance.

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