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ActivArmr® - Industry specific gloves with integrated Ansell glove technology |

ActivArmr® : Glove technologies and innovations to keep you safe

ActivArmr® are a range of work gloves designed for tough manual applications and brought to you via Ansell, a leader in protective apparel. Offering dexterity, impact protection and specific protection for the extremes of military work, emergency service environments and construction projects, ActivArmr® have a glove for you. Specialist gloves within this range include Carpentry Gloves, Electrician Gloves and cut resistant Plumbers Gloves designed for optimum grip and dexterity with added technologies that make them industry specific.

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Activarmr® heavy duty gloves utilise a number of innovations to improve wearer comfort, increase protection levels and improve the overall functionality of the glove.

Ansell’s new INTERCEPT™ Technology™ provides an excellent level of cut protection, whilst allowing the glove to remain dexterous and comfortable. INTERCEPT™ utilises advanced knitting technologies which blends both engineered synthetics and natural fibers into high performance yarns. This provides high-cut protection with exceptional functionality. This technology has been developed with DuPont™ and uses advanced Kevlar® yarns in conjunction with reinforced stainless steel, spandex (elastane) and nylon textiles. A breakthrough in knit glove protection, Intercept™ can be found in such gloves as the HVAC Glove and the Heavy Duty Labourer Gloves.

Dyneema® is a revolutionary, long molecular chained fibre that provides excellent cut and abrasion resistant properties. Dyneema® fibres are 15 times stronger than steel on a weight vs weight basis and is so light it can float on water. Ansell gloves incorporate both Dyneema® and Dyneema® Diamond technologies which enable gloves to be considerably lighter and thinner than other gloves with the same cut protection rating. Dyneema® ccan be found in gloves from the HyFlex®, ActivArmr® and VersaTouch® brands.

Patented Knitted Variable Stitch Design (KVSD) is an additional patented glove technology that reduces hand and lower arm fatigue. The innovative stitching process adjusts the knitting pattern to match the shape of the hand giving particular attention to the knuckle areas, and this in turn allows the hand and glove to work together as a single unit.

Ansell is a global leader in personal protection solutions. Founded over 100 years ago Ansell designs, develops and manufactures a wide range of hand and arm protective solutions compatible with industrial and medical applications.Ansell’s vision is to create a world where people enjoy optimum protection from the risks to which they are exposed. Ansell products are manufactured to the highest standards guaranteeing maximum protection which meets or exceeds quality expectations.

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