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If you value your business’ belongings, you’ll want to stay in control of them by tracking your assets. It’s important for keeping tabs on things, though we appreciate it can be confusing. To help with that, we’ve created a free sample pack that gives you all the information you need.

To request your FREE asset tag sample pack, simply email your request to quotes@seton.co.uk making sure to include your postal address and contact information.

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What are Asset Tags?

We’ve all seen an asset tag fixed to something at some point, though you may not have been aware of what it was. It could be on the computer that you look at every day or even the chair that you’re sat on while reading this. Asset tags are everywhere, and for businesses, they are vital for asset management and protection of possessions. Asset tags are small sticky labels that are numbered, sometimes have a barcode and are used for the tracking of items or ‘assets’ that a company has. They are instrumental in helping to create a database of valuable items. Due to the nature of how they are constructed, these are a great option as a deterrent for thieves.

Why do I need an Asset Tag?

Often, producing an asset register is required as it allows your assets to be audited, this is more common in the public sectors. Having asset labels on your equipment and using Asset Tracking Software to track them will allow you to shield your business’ property, encompassing all details about each item.

Keeping track of all of your assets is critical to avoid over-ordering, excess spending and to assist in the prevention of misplaced items.

What Asset Tag will I need?

It can be tough to know what Asset Tag is required for what purpose, but that’s where we come in. We have our ‘New To Asset Tracking?’ guide that takes you through a complete drill down of what an asset is, what the tags can do and how they can help. This is where the sample pack is perfect because it allows you to see the items that you require up close and personal, with information sheets on all the vital information you need to know. Our extensive range of asset labels can be used on almost any application in your workplace.

Seton Asset Tag Sample Pack

What is in the asset tag sample pack?

Our sample pack is designed to give you examples of the types of asset tags that we supply here at Seton. It provides a physical version of the asset tags that we provide, descriptions of their features, the sizes available to you and in what situations they can be used.

In your sample pack, you’ll receive our best selling Asset Tags, DuraGuard and SetonGuard.

DuraGuard - Constructed from metallised polyester, Duraguard Tags provide an economical solution and are a perfect way to tag devices and equipment used in challenging environments.

SetonGuard - Our toughest Asset Tag, SetonGuard is made from aluminium foil that embeds the asset information, it’s perfect for tough industrial environments where durability is required.

Within the DuraGuard and SetonGuard ranges, there are many possibilities of what can be achieved when it comes to tracking your assets, with numerous colour, logo and barcoding options. There are numerous options at Seton that coincide with our asset tag software, in order to increase productivity and efficiency in your workplace.

Some of our best selling asset tags are listed below.

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