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The Seton 360 Floor Stand - a NEW Product that Will Make You Rethink your Warning Signage

To allow you to flag hazards and communicate temporary information in an efficient way, we have designed the Seton 360 floor stand: an exclusive, innovative product that will ensure your safety message remains visible in any situation with “always on display” hazard warning sign.

Why choose the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

360° Visibility
360° Visibility

Unique shape with 8 highly visible symbols

3 symbols
3 symbols to choose from

No Access, Slippery Surface, General Hazard

Easy to assemble

Supplied in 2 parts, simply slots together

Easy to carry

Lightweight with an ergonomic handle

Never falls over
Never falls over

Unique design, always remains upright

Create a safety carrier

Can be interlinked to create the barrier length you need

Multiple applications

For indoor use to warn of the most common hazards

Easy to store

Stores away flat when not in use

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Discover the Seton 360 Floor Stand

Discover the Seton 360 Floor Stand

Choose your Seton 360 Floor Stand

How is this sign different to a conventional floor stand?

The Seton 360 Floor Stand is the innovative sister of the floor stand. By remaining upright whatever happens, it will ensure your safety message can be read from all angles. Its design also makes it a very readable. Skillfully distributed, the symbols can be seen from any vantage point. This floor stand therefore ensures your safety message can be read from 360°, whereas a conventional floor stand only displays its message on two sides.

How does the Seton 360 Floor Stand work?

With its unique, ergonomic design, this product can revert itself, as it consists of 4 feet, each with a rounded end that displays symbols on both the front and back. The position of the feet means that the product can rotate from one foot to the other if hit or knocked. One of the feet will systematically move into a vertical position, with the symbol facing upwards, thus ensuring the message remains visible.

How to use your new innovative floor stand

The sign is designed for temporary use. It is therefore essential to ensure that it’s easy to use and, more importantly, quick to install. It therefore consists of just two parts that can be easily clipped together. There is no lengthy or tedious assembly required, and no risk of parts getting lost.

Once the two parts are interlocked, the product is ready to use. All you have to do is set up the floor stand in any position near the area that needs to be secured in order to prevent accidents.

Step 1 - Installing the Seton 360 Floor Stand
Step 2 - Installing the Seton 360 Floor Stand
Step 3 - Installing the Seton 360 Floor Stand

How long can the Seton 360 Floor Stand stay in place?

While this product can be left in place for several days or weeks in a row, do not forget that it is essentially intended for use as a temporary barrier.

Make sure you keep it to hand to flag any sudden or temporary risks. If the risks are ongoing, however, use rigid panels instead to ensure your users' safety.

What risks can the Seton 360 Floor Stand warn against?

Our product is available in 3 models to provide you with the essentials for attracting your employees’ attention.

The Seton 360 Floor Stand - Slippery surface

Seton 360 Floor Stand - Slipper surface

Purpose: The perfect tool for making a wet, slippery area safe.

When should it be used? When cleaning floors in offices, for a spillage of different types industrial liquids, water leakages, etc. Warn your employees that a slippery surface is ahead of them so that they remain alert, are cautious and do not slip and fall.

In short: Compliant with international ISO 7010 standard, everyone can easily understand the slippery surface symbol.

The Seton 360 Floor Stand - General hazard

Seton 360 Floor Stand - General Hazard

Purpose: The all-purpose warning, perfect for attracting your users’ attention.

When should it be used? You can flag all types of risks with this general symbol: works in progress, heavy machinery traffic, a variety of obstacles, electrical, thermal, chemical hazard, etc.

In short: On seeing this symbol, ISO 7010 certified, your employees will be more vigilant, and accidents will therefore be avoided.

The Seton 360 Floor Stand - No access to unauthorised persons

Seton 360 Floor Stand - No access to unauthorised persons

Purpose: To encourage the user not to go any further.

When should it be used? The message, which can be easily understood, prohibits access to an area in which work is in progress, a reserved space, a temporarily inaccessible location, etc.

In short: You will be able to guarantee users’ safety, the confidentiality of your work or the equipment’s integrity by preventing unwanted comings and goings.

In what circumstances can I use the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Risks are an integral part of any profession, whether you work at a company, in public buildings, in industry or in an office. Whether it is inside or outside, in contact with hazardous products or not.

This product can be used in both industry and warehouses, in loading bays or even in offices. In a nutshell, it can be used in any location where reliable safety signs are temporarily required.

Can I use the Seton 360 Floor Stand outside?

Made from polypropylene, it weighs 500 grams in total. It is therefore quite lightweight. This means that employees will not injure themselves if they inadvertently bump into it.

However, because it is lightweight, it should not be used outside and is best used as an office or warehouse safety sign. If there are strong gusts of wind, it could be blown too far away from the hazardous area to provide any kind of warning.

How do you carry the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Our teams have provided everything to make life easier for you. This product is light so that one person can carry it and assemble it on their own.

In addition, there is a carry handle on each foot. Ergonomically designed, you can easily grasp each part of the sign so can you can carry it effortlessly.

Carrying the Seton 360 Floor Stand

How do you store the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

The main objective of this floor stand is to flag temporary risks. Once the ground is dry, the danger averted or access authorised, it is important to be able to quickly remove the temporary barrier until the next time it is used. Special care has been taken to ensure the product is easy to assemble, but also quick to put away.

All you have to do is to separate the two parts to store them flat. They are fitted with interlocking ends so that they can be attached to each other to avoid losing them. Once dismantled, the Seton 360 Floor Stand only measures 56 x 37 cm. When put away, much less space is needed.

Can I temporarily prevent access to a hazardous area using the Seton 360 Floor Stand?

Flagging a risk is not always enough, and it can be helpful to prevent users from ignoring the hazard sign by blocking access until any hazard has been removed.

In addition to their main signalling purpose, these floor stands provide the opportunity to create a security barrier. Each sign includes a notch that allows two Seton 360 Floor Stand to be hooked up to each other. That way, you can create a physical barrier of the required length to reinforce the warning message and encourage users to take another route.

Temporary access prevention

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