Respirator Filters & Cartridges

Respirator filters are an essential part of respiratory protection. Different types of filter protect against different fumes, so it’s essential to find the right protective equipment for your workplace. Browse our wide range of filters below to find the right respirator filters.

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  • 3M™ Twin Lightweight Filters

    From £45.99 To £114.00
  • JSP® Force Respirator Filters

    From £9.25 To £14.50
  • Honeywell Freedom® Prefilters

    From £27.95 To £54.95
  • North® N Series Prefilters

    From £13.95 To £25.75

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Air pollutants come in two forms - particulates and gases. Therefore, you need to choose the filter that addresses the contaminants present in your workplace. For a mixture of contaminants, select a combination filter.
We provide a selection of respirator filters and cartridges that can target a variety of toxic substances. Our particulate filters comply with EN 143, while our gas filters and combination filters comply with EN 141 and EN 14387. Seton UK only offers respiratory filters from industry experts such as JSP, North, 3M, Moldex, and Honeywell.

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