High Visibility Clothing & Vests

The reflective property of high visibility clothing can improve your employees’ visibility in hazardous areas, even in dark conditions.

Select from Seton UK’s gigantic array of high visibility jackets and high visibility vests. We also offer other top-quality hi vis clothing such as trousers and armbands.

Whatever your safety needs are, you can find them at Seton UK.

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  • Fluorescent Armbands

    From £4.95 To £8.95
  • High-Visibility Railway Waistcoats

    From £21.50 To £22.75
  • Non-Tear Reflective Armband

    From £8.95 To £9.95
  • High Visibility Long Sleeve Jerkin

    From £41.95 To £43.25

Grid List

Never let yourself and your workers go unnoticed, especially in areas with low light conditions. With this goal in mind, you can rely on hi vis clothing and his vis jackets from Seton UK.

We offer a broad assortment of exceptional high visibility products to cater to your workers’ specific needs. Pick from hi vis equipment such as waistcoats, vests, jackets, trousers, armbands, polo shirts, and harnesses.

Be safe and be seen -- only with Seton UK’s protective clothing.

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